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 Do allergy shots hurt? I'm getting nervous because I start them this week. Thanks!?

Additional Details
Do they make your arm sore afterwards? I play softball and can't risk a tournament due to a sore arm!...

 Itchy throat???
what is a good way too scratch a itchy throat? besides eating an apple or eny heavy foods???

I have a sore throat followed by a itchy throat and a slight cough, and i was wondering what is ...

 Has anyone ever used a neti pot?
those lilttle tea pot looking deals where you pour water up your nose to clean your sinus.. did it help or what?...

 Are there nuts in lindt lindor?

 Has anyone had an allergic reaction to secret deoderent ???? What happened?

 Treat Allergies Symptoms / Mucus / Coughing / Spitting?
My mother went to an allergy specialist and to our family physician. She always receive allergy medication that treat these symptoms: watery eyes, runny nose, itching eyes and sneezing.


 What to do about Hives?
I have them on my right arm,stomach and Neck,On my legs near my butt and under my armpit
Additional Details
Should I go see a doctor??...

 What foods can aggrivate eczema?
I have eczema very badly on my face and neck, i am trying to cut out foods that aggrivate my skin. I think tomatoes, strawberries and food dye (in salmon etc..) are making it worse. Is this common? W...

 I have a cough for almost a month now, i dont smoke. What will i do?

 How do i know if i'm allergic to antiperspirant deodrant?
I use an antiperspirant deodorant ever since i started using deodorant and i notice sometimes i have itchy underarms and sometimes bumps show up. i wasn't sure if i needed to just use a ...

 Allergic to sunlight?
Is it possible?..
I'm guessing it may be 'cause it happens to me alot.
If I'm outside in the sun for a few minutes I start to get a huge headache and almost pass out.

 Ihave an allergic reaction on my hand from a plaster!!?
How else can i clear it? ive been putting anti-hystermain (sp?) cream on, and also takin a anti- hystermain tablet once a day for the last 3days!!

my hand keeps itchin and has like blood ...

 Is there any cure for allergic rhinitis?

 How to get rid of a blocked nose?
what are some good ways one can get rid of a blocked nose?...

 Trouble Breathing? HELP Quickly?
Okay well i dont know if its just the hot weather here or i have allergies or i am gone crazy..........i noticed that lately i get tired out really easy and i cant breathe that well...i went to the ...

 Baby allergic reaction Hellp?
i gave my baby teething gel 3 months plus one minit she was ok the next she was screaming and had blochy red pachers on her face any idia shes fine now gave her some parosetamol and that worked to ...

 Should i drink coffee when i'm sick?
Sore throat, runny nose and tired...that's why I want the coffee. Should I not drink coffee? Will it make my cold last longer? I am allergic to milk, so it is made with rice milk. I don'...

 Whats a good deodorant soap for someone with allergies?
I have slight asthma and allergies. Coast and Irish Spring make my skin itch, my face turns a slight red, i feel lightheaded, and I sneeze a little. But darn, I want to smell good! I have tryed ...

 How to treat asthma in heat/humid weather and running?
im going to try out for a running sport in 2 weeks and my asthma get bad when i run and in heat and so on. i need to have a mile under 9 min. how can i run in heat with my asthma?
Additional D...

 Is it Pink Eye?
So my left eye started swell up. Like my actully eye is fine, just my eyelid is swollen.I don't know what happen but one day I woke up and it was like that.
Is it an allergic reaction or a ...

bear 1977
Would allergies cause your face to get red and burny? What can I do to make my face less red?

yes it could, but that might not be the problem. When does it get red, a certain time, place, at home, while you're out, in the sun, after your shower, in the pool ect...
I'm mildly allergic to Glycerin, so my face gets red and burns if I use it in a skin product more than 2 times a week, but you can be allergic to almost anything. I about fried my face off before I figured out the hypoallergenic Glycerin soap I was using was blistering my skin. Insert me smacking my forehead here!

my face turned red when i put this skin lightening lotion & it was all puffy & red & later it started burning...for this my doc told me to take Benadryl...

chris j
If it's an allergy it could be anything. You could prevent these symptoms by not touching your face and frequent hand washing. you may also have a skin condition such as eczema. put some Polysporin on it at night before you go to bed

Yes allergy can cause this.
But allergic problems are always better solving after discussing it with a dermotologist.
As anti-allergic medicines (most of them) are seductives and are adivsed to take in only after seeing a doctor.

I would think an allergic reaction, but there is also a skin disease called Rosachea(sp?) that makes your face look red and sun-burned. I would go see a dermatologist or take some sort of allergy pill like benedryl first to see if it is an allergy and then go see the dr.

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