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 Is it ok to have three nuts?

 My brother stuck a cashew up my nose when i was sleeping...?
what can i do to get it out... i tried picking it... but my finger can't get behind the cashew. Blowing hard doesn't help or holding down one nostril....

 Is it possible to become allergic to something that you wasnt previously?

Additional Details
reason i ask is because just recently i've been sneezing a lot and also my eyes feel swollen and are very itchy. i think maybe this is hayfever?...

 What are the best things to do when you have allergies?
idk what we should ...

 Is Texas a bad state for people with allergies to live there?

 What is the best treatment for allergies?

 Serious Advice Needed, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic (not lactose intolerant but ALLERGIC) to milk...?
For about a week now I've had hives, horrible abdominal pain and well you know... I didn't think the two were related untill Sat when friends brought chocolate brownies. I took one bite ...

 Help!!! My allergies are killing me.....?
I am suffering much more this year than usual and need some ideas on good OTC, herbal or home remedy for severe hayfever symptoms: Sneezing, itching watering eyes,ears, nose, throat, face, mouth, ...

 Help with allergy to cigarette smoke?
My boyfriend's mother and brother smoke heavily and I practically live at his house. When I first started dating him 2 years ago it was fine but I have become a lot more sensitive to the smoke ...

 My room gets REALLY dusty since I have a chinchilla (dust baths) in my room. Is there any way I can fix this?

 I am allergic to mold seriously bad. My office has mold problem. It is a fab paying job . Any suggestions?
Any suggestions on dealing with my allergy while at work? We find black mold on floors and walls, we clean it and it comes back. I fight sinus infections every two months and it is directly related ...

 How can i tell if im allergic?
to soy oil, its what they use to cook the fries and stuff where i work and today i was coughing a lot and my throat started hurting really bad and its hard to get a breath and im coughing up a lot of ...

 Am I alergic to my cat??? or what is it???
My eyes get really itchy, my forhead and my head, but it seems to be in the inside, so when i scratch i don't feel anything, it keeps itching, so I have to put on some drops and take an alergy ...

 What does this stand for?
on my hubbys id bracelet in hospital today it said he had an allergy which he didnt know about, he said it either said NE AIDS, or NE ACIDS....any idea what that means please?...

 Why do I have certain fruit allergies?
Not all fruit, but certain types of fruit, such as apples, nectarines, plums and kiwis will make my mouth, teeth, throat and sometimes all my sinuses including my ears very itchy, and sometimes even ...

 I have rashes for 2 months though i took anti histamine already it keeps on coming out on my skin.?

 My 4 year-old-daughter has bad breath, her tongue is white in the back w/bumps. What is this?
She Also clears her throat frequently, and says she feels like there are "boogers" in her throat. I believe this is allergy related as she has done this off and on since the age of one. B...

 Just found out that Im allergic to wasp stings and 13 weeks pregnant?
I was just stung about 45 minutes ago on my finger by a wasp (which was my first time ever getting stung) and about a minute after being stung I realized I am allergic. The only thing that has ...

 What is Hay Fever? What are the effects of this to humans?

 Son with Allergies...Get Rid of Cats?
Our son has seasonal allergies but we suspect that he also is allergic to our 2 house cats. Our doctor has suggested removing the cats from the home for a couple months to see if things improve. My ...

dianne n
Why do others say ''excuse me'' when we sneeze?

Because it will be sometimes irritating to the people who sit around you when you sneeze.. after all it is a mannerism which you have to follow...follow it and have a good name in the society

Some people feel embarrassed. It is one of the few things humans cannot have complete control of, i.e. no real cure for the common cold, allergies etc. Others may have been taught to say it after sneezing at a young age so it has become adapted to their "sneezing behavior".

sneeze is not a polite thing to do ,but people can't helped.so they say-i am sorry or excuse me

because they are idiots

dey tryin 2 tell u 2 say dat.

God Bless you, is what people usually say. That is because the Heart stops for a second.

Oreo Schmoreo
Sometimes when I sneeze really loud, I will say "excuse me."

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