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 Is there such a thing as people being allergic to Avocado?
Sometimes whenever I eat Avocado I get an itchy tongue and mouth, which is really odd but non-life threatening, so I'm wondering if this sort of allergy is rare or not.


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 Any cures for allergies?
I get bad allergies i was wondering if there is any thing that anybody knows will work. I dont like shots. I have a hard time sleeping....

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I can barely even breathe through my nose!! It's getting frustrating. I've had a massive headache and this is after I've taken cold & sinus & allergy crap.

I'm ...

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 How do I keep my nose from bleeding?
I was at work and I thought I had a runny nose and thought nothing of it, then about 5-10 minutes later I sneezed. When I sneezed my nose started to bleed, it GUSHED blood for 40 minutes!! My boss ...

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After 3 months or so of stomach aches, diarrhea day in day out, pains in my side, etc, I finally went to the doctors and have been told I have IBS as a result of gluten intolerance.

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 Which medicines are generally available without prescription?

 Does anybody know........................
Do allergies cause skin problems and if so do you know what kind of skin problems?...

 What I can I do to help my allergies?
I have tried Claritin for weeks and it did not work. I was taking six benadrill a day and it did not even make me sleepy and did not completely help either. I am now taking 120 mg of Allergra in the A...

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 Has anyone ever Died from a peanut allergy?I've heard that it can cause serious problems but not death yet.?

Additional Details
I have checked all of the credible medical sites and none of them confirm any deaths caused by eating peanuts.I don't want to be difficult but I need to get it ...

 Hayfever i need help?
i have got terrible hayfever, its been so bad latly that ive fealt like not going into work and im at the end of my tether with it, the doctor wont give me an injection for it , ive had all the ...

 What is a good allergy medicine that's non prescription?
Especially for itchy irritated eyes?...

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 Why do i constantly sneeze?
i wake up and i sneeze about 20 times and all throught out the day i sneeze> any one know y and how i can cure this?...

 Why does my skin itch after a bath in a cold country?
It seem like goosebumps, but its smaller and they are itchy, abit red sometimes,

I really need to know!
tHANK YOU! =D...

 How to stop the itching??
my arms have reacted to this cream i put on and now it's itchy . I've scratched it so much that my arms are now covered in tiny red bumps. how to i cure this without having to go see a ...

Why could the tip of my nose be sensitive?

Daniel P

Nerve Endings, very Sensitive...!!

You ever get hit in the face? Could be nerve damage. When I touch the bridge of my nose I feel the tip because of nerve damage.

Mine gets like that and then I get a zit a few days later. :(

Maybe blowing your nose too much?

isn't everyone's?

Is it always sensitive, or just recently? That always happens when I get a pimple...I just wipe the spot with an alcohol pad and usually it helps to dry up the pimple before it really gets going. If it's always sensitive, maybe it's just the nerve endings or could be an injury makes the area weaker.

kelsey :)~
did u hit it
do u have a
sinus infection
that could have trigerit be4

You probably have a lot of nerve endings in the end of your nose. It's quite common actually.

Mana G
if your using maximum strength facial cleansers or toners they could be drying out your skin and making it sensitive to touch and the air.

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