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 Are you allergic to anything?
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 Are there certain foods that cause your body to smell? Allergy question.?

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I don't eat garlic and onions. I already know about those....

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the doctor said it was gasroenteritis,viral infection.i gave my son (15 months) pedilyte and bland food bread,crackers,etcThe green stool lasted about a month until i couldnt take it anymore and ...

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what are some dogs that don't have a lot of dander, which would mean it would be less allegic right??? well anyway what are some dogs that are for people with allergies??...

 This may sound stupid but i am just getting over a cold and now it feels like my lungs r itchy i have never?
had this happen to me b4 should i be worried do i need to call the dr ??????
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yeah i am coughing up kinda yellowish ...

 Remedy for an allergic reaction.?
I'm having an allergic reaction (bulging eye)...does anyone know any remedies for it? i have a test in class tomorrow. thanks!
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thanks for the concern, but i'...

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In the groups between 28 to 40years of ...

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for about the last year now if i have a long nite out, the next day i cant move for about 24hrs constantly feeling like losing conciousness and get red blotches all over my upper eyes, and ifeel like ...

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Why cant i breathe through my nose EVER without the use of over-the-counter nasal spray?
constant congestion every day,morning noon and night,no runny nose,passages just swell up and close.i know that i am addicted to the active ingredient in the nasal spray"oxymetazoline HCL"no,i do not use cocaine!!my medical ins.will take effect after i put in 80 more hours and i will be having my doctor recommending me to an ENT,does anyone with a medical background know what are the most common causes of this?i was prescribed flo-naise and nasonex in the past and it did absolutely nothing!!

Im a killer

i hear your noise!!! try a decongetion ( like zyrtec-D or an over the counter Sudafed) in addition to the nasal spray... and may i suggest Rhinocort... it is WAY better than Flonase & Nasonex.....

First of all, over the counter nasal spray decongestants have a "rebound" effect: it gets better, then it gets worse. I guess you know that, though.

The Flonase and other nasal steroids did nothing for you... So that means you have a deviated septum or other soft tissue defect in your nose. Wait until you have health insurance, then see the ENT. You'll probably need surgery, then you'll be fine.

My man is constantly congested. And when it's not that, it's always blowing his nose. Until he started to put Polysporin in his nose every night for 6 months. In less than 2 months, he stopped snoring. His congestion is not as often, and I'm saving money on Kleenex.

allergies are a ******!

i know what ure feeling every night I cannot fall asleep without spraying my nose although the spray says do not take for more than 3 days and it has been mths for me-- Im using this spray called Afrin it works for colds and allergies-- its a godsend for me at night -- I try to sometimes go to bed without spraying but i end up waking up at 3am or 8am just to spray again--- its soo annoying.. try getting a humidifier --

I feel your pain. I have the same problem.. I can never breathe and my nose is always stuffed, it's terrible and it makes me snore.. lol... anyways when you go to the doc's ask to be put on clarinex, (Claritin is over the counter) but clarinex is perscription. I use it every day and it makes me feel sooo much better, I still snore but oh well..lol... do you also get headaches? I get real bad headaches from being congested in my head and with the clarinex it takes them away, I take it a night... Good luck to you..

Roman Soldier
Over the counter nasal sprays have a nasty kickback effect. That means if you use it for more then 3-5 days, when the medicine wears off, your nose will become very stuffy making you use more only prolonging the problem. Read the label on the product and see for yourself. It'll probably say something like "Do not use for more then 1 week" or something to that effect. I had the same problem once. You're going to have to stop using the nasal sprays or the cycle will continue. Eventually the kickback effect will wear off after a few days.

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