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 After I dyed my hair, my ears and head became swollen and my neck is numb....am I ok? And my head itches bad.
I have a rash in my head and under my chest. When I scratch it , then I end up with scabs in my head and right under my breasts.
Could the Men's Hair Dye interacted with my VO5 shampoo ...

 " How many of you are allergic to Garlic?"?
At Nine years old, I found out I was allergic to garlic. Doctors I went to could not figure out why my body rejected garlic. When garlic hits my system it acts as a spong, I become dehydrated, weak, ...

 My son is suffering from dust allergy .............. some good home remedy?

 What are you alergic to?

 What does it mean when you get a bloody nose?
i got a bloody nose by just sitting there i cleaned out my nose a couple hours ago. could that be it? my room is in the garage ( no my parents dont hate me) its been cold in there latly. my sister ...

 What are some at-home remedies for allergies?
My symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, stuffed up nose, and sore, dry throat. It's killing me!!!...

 Codin is used in cough syrup Is it possible to get addict? If anyone know plz. reply Quik?

 My boyfriend has 4 cats...... I'm allergic to cats...what should i do??

 I get blurred vision and my pupils of my eyes get dilated It is like a lite headache has anyone heard of this?

 Can both eyes be affected with Pink Eye?
ok, my sis was fine this morning then came home and both her eyes were pink and swollen. Can both eyes be affected at the same time?...

 What happens at an allergy test?
I get hives, when i am near to something that i am allergic to. But the problem is i dont no what i am allergic to....

 What am i allergic to?
What am i allergic to? Sometimes a wake up and i'm ruined for the day, i sneeze and "itch" inside the nose and i feel weak the entire day, it never goes away during the day, i always ...

 Allergy to Penicillin but never had one before... is this possible?
I have had a tooth infection twice in the last 2months.. on the first occasion I was prescribed Amoxyciilin which helped the infection but left the left hand side of my throat swollen with me unable ...

 Do I have some sort of reaction to certain fruits?
whenever i eat whole apples or peaches my throat feels weird and sometimes part of my lip and gum swells. I pretty sure im not allergic to these fruits because i've had them all my life and it ...

 What did you last scratch?
I just scratched my neck and it wasnt itchy....

 Is this possible?
I moved to another city 2 months ago. I never had allergies where I lived, but since I moved I now have allergies
Additional Details
I live closer to cleveland than I did before, and C...

 A friend of mine has allergies she says to an ingredient in wine called sulfites? I can see the problems ....?
she has with her eyes, burning itching, and after a while her eyes close up. She just puts a cool wet wash cloth on her eyes until they get better, then she finally is able to open her eyes.

 Does anyone else have a sore throat (suffering from allergies) today?

 Why do I have nosebleeds when im sleeping?
I have nosebleeds on the odd occasion but 70% ov them are when im sleeping why is this ?...

 My eyes are always tearing and often get swollen and itchy. i don't think i have allergies. i use eye drops
what is my problem.......allergies?...

Why are my eyes always bloodshot?
I am not high, and I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. My eyes just hardly ever seem to be fully white. Do I not drink enough water? Could it be allergies?
Additional Details
I get enough sleep, I don't do drugs, and I haven't been drinking any alcohol.

If it is allergies, is there anything over the counter I can get that would get rid of it. What if I drink more water?

Bresha H
Maybe because you need glasses.

if you have allergies thats it!!! if you don't drink lots of water two or three cups day i recommend going to the doctor

do you swim? sometimes the chlorine can agitate the eyes.

Sounds like some foam of allergies but to make sure that isn't something else go see your doc.

As the other person said, you definitely could have allergies. You really should get tested. You may need shots or drops or something. It would certainly be to your benefit to get it checked out.

sOuL dOcToR
The Homeopathic Remedy BELLADONNA cures Red Eyes and Eye Pressure follow this link to read about this remedy if you have similar symptoms take the remedy in 30C potency thrice a day half hour before meals for three days .
Take Care and God Bless You !

It definitely could be allergies. Are they itchy and watery?

You need to limit your daily reefer intake. try using a vaporisor then you weill not be so red. by the way "clear Eyes" works better then "Visine".

Are you always in front of the computer? When I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen my eyes get blood shot too. The eye doctor told me it is eye strain. Also you don't blink much when constantly looking at a screen, this causes your eyes to dry out. You might try eye moisture drops through out the day, this might help too.

Yes, it could be allergies, especially if they itch. There is a Visine for allergies. It may sting when you first put it in, but it clears all eye allergy symptoms right up.

do you drink alcohol? do u get enuf sleep? how hardly white are they, yellow? could be jaundice too

The Mick "7"
Maybe it's something in your house or better yet check you pillow. I had a problem with my pillow once.

I'm not sure you would have to have full blown allergies to have some eye irritation--such as dust, pet dander, mites or mold, etc., might be causing just a enough irritation--or the scents you use with your perfume, hairspray, etc.

Does it EVER get better--such as when you are out of your house or your office for days at a time? It is worse in the morning or in the evening?

If you do some sleuthing, it may find something making it worse.

Does it run in your family? It could just be the way your eye DNA is set up. Because, you sound so healthy otherwise!

And, don't let the TV personalities set your standards. They have white eyes and white teeth that look as natural as as a toupee.

If there are smiles in your eyes, they are beautiful--even if they are a bit bloodshot!!

Suzanne L
Could be allergies. Could also be dry eyes. Better than Visine and clear Eyes for allergies is Opticon-A (it used to be prescription and is now over the counter). I use them every a.m. during allergy season. It's in the drug store around with the other eye remedies. If your eyes are not itchy, perhaps it's dryness. Especially if you spend alot of time in air-conditioned locations. There are eye Drops that are "moisture drops" which lubricate your eyes. The Opticon brand (I think that is the name) also makes a version of this. My doctor advised me that even for allergies, the moisture drops may work because they rinse your eyes.

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