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 What are the best eye drops to use for itchy eyes caused by allergies?
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iv'e been coughing and sneezing,had a runny nose,my eyes feel watery and heavy and i've have had a headache for about a week now,
i think this may be hayfever,does this also make you ...

 Ear congestion from sinus infection?
I've had a sinus infection and been on Allegra-D and an antibiotic.

My sinuses have calmed down and I am starting to feel a little better.

However my ears are still very ...

What are the most SERIOUS things too be allergic too? My cousin is allergic to all nuts and it is very serious if she eats one.. what other things can be quite serious? and being allergic to ...

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I have really sensitive skin and for some reason stupidly used Sally Hansen's Hair Removal cream. I'm having a severe allergic reaction, it itches and hurts and my (white) skin is now ...

 Allergies At This Time of Year?
I can't tell if i have a cold or allergies right now. I do have spring time allergies but it usually doesn't start until later than this. Is it possible that they are kicking in early this ...

 Did you know that most blacks, latinos and almost half of all whites are lactose intolerant?
...check it out ..It has to do with blood type......

 What could be wrong with my 14 month old daughters eye?
it started thursday with just watering and being little puffy with a runny nose by friday it got worse. It was really red swollen and very little green discharge, it is watering alot it looks like ...

 Swollen chest?

 House guest allergic to my cat I have vacuumed over and over doesnt seem to help,What else can I do?

 How bad is my baby's peanut allergy?
My baby has a peanut allergy blood test # of 3.9. I know she's allergic (you're allergic if your number is over .35) , but how severe is 3.9? The doctor said "very significant" ...

 Cat allergies?
i have cat allergies and i was wondering if there is any sort of medication i can get for them :]
Additional Details
this is only going to be for a couple weeks while im at my boyfriends ...

 Allergies???!! help pleaaase?
I just started to get allergies this year and ive been sneezing, had watery eyes, runny/stuffed nose and itchy throat.. so ive been taking claritin and it helped .. but anyways to get to the point .....

 What cause finger, lips and tongue swelling?
I'm really confused about what's the cause of these swelling?? All i know is that it could be an allergic reaction.. but i don't know to what. if some one help me to find the answer i&#...

 Time frame for an allergic reaction to a bee sting?
How long would it take for the symptoms of an allergic reaction to appear after the initial sting?...

 Does anyone else feel drowsy even when they take hayfever tablets that are non-drowsy?
It takes me right to the end of the next day until I feel less tired....

 My boyfriend wont let me get a dog because he is allergic.?
I know there are shots he can get. Anyone know how much they are or how well they work?...

 Is chocolate constipating?
I never have problems going, but the last week I've been sneaking alot of chocolate from my kids Halloween stash, and I've been seriously bloated and go up to two days without going. I ...

 YIKES! Is it true my mattress will double in weight after ten years because of DUST MITES?
Theres an infomercial on TV touting the Space Age Foam Bed that makes the above claim regarding standard innerspring mattresses. The claim seems impactful, but is there any truth in it?
I know ...

Why are my allergies worse at night?

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress and pillows? Dust mite allergens (DMA's) and a cornicopia of allergens are living, thriving, and breeding, in the man-made micro-habitat that YOU have created while snuggled up, feeling safe and cozy, in your bed where you spend 1/3 of your life.

The necessity to maintain and sleep on hygienic mattresses has simply been forgotten over the last few decades. I remember quite vividly, back in the 60's, where every spring my grandparents (both sets) as well as their neighbors, my family and our neighbors, would ritually tote mattresses outdoors and then proceed to "beat the crap" out of them with big sticks, 2x4's, baseball bats, tennis rackets...or whatever. We then positioned the mattresses, propped up against a tree, the house, or a fence, to catch the morning and afternoon sunshine. The sun, with its UVA and UVB light rays, has naturally cleansing abilities.

Little did I know then, what I know now. Guanine, a very potent and harmful allergen that destroys living tissue, is predominently found in the feces, secretions, molts, and dead body pieces, of dust mites. An average mattress is home to 2 million nocturnal dust mites. Dust mites "poop" 20 to 30 times each day (or maybe, at night). Doing the math, that's 4 to 6 million fecal pellets being deposited into your mattress every 24 hours. So, we really were "beating the crap" out of the mattresses!

These allergens are so light-weight that simply by "fluffing" your pillow, or rolling over at night (typically, 50-60 times is the norm) cause the allergens to become airborne and therefore inhaled. Guanine enters your lungs, attaches to the healthy lung cells, suffocates and kills them.

Just recently, there are many products being aggressively advertised that claim to be the "end all/cure all" to the problem of dust mites and DMA's. Not a day passes by where you don't see a TV commercial hawking air cleaners (purifiers), HEPA vacuums, special filters, magic dust wipes, mattress enclosures, etc. The problem with these products is that, individually, none solve the problem, none "attack" the source(s) that live, mostly, in your bed.

Hire professional Home Indoor allergen Control technicians to "attack" the source(s) and service your mattresses. If none are available in your geographical area, then visit the link below to learn what you can do, yourself, to reduce the allergens you are living with and inhaling. The informative ebook sells for $7.95, BUT...if you click on the link and tell yourself "I'm Special" you'll get the info free, at no cost, no need to enter an email address, and no need to to download a .pdf file. That's because you ARE special. Just share the knowledge you gain from the ebook with others!


For more dust mite info see the epa's new website at:

Mine are too. I think lying down aggravates them. Try getting an air purifier.

All day you are breathing in and being around those things that your allergic to. At night, you're totally relaxed but it triggers the allergens to "wake up"

Matt A
Two reasons, One: Dust mites are an allergy/asthma trigger and dust mites are found most around your bed. This is where you shed most of your dead skin while dressing and undressing, getting into and out of bed. Dust mites feed on dead skin.

Second. Your body slows down at night. The body's ability to respond to allergy triggers slows as well. This will cause a lot of coughing, sneezing and running noses.

Your body is in wind down mode and your nerves are more sensative at night because of relax mode. In the daytime we do so much that we do not have the time to even notice them. At night it is quieter and more peaceful therefore you feel like it is worse at night!

If you are allergic to dust or dander, at night you would be snuggled right up to them.

Consider washing your bedding more frequently. And run your pillows through a fluff-cycle to get the dust out of them.

If you are allergic to your laundry detergent, try to one that is free of dyes and perfumes, and use that.

Good luck!

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