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When does allergy season end, my sinus headaches have been going on for about a month now?

If you're talking about air born allergies, it will end when there is a hard frost in your area. If you want to end air born allergies forever, start taking a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day and your body will develop immunities to all the irritants in the air-like mold, pollen, pet dander, smog and mildew. Local honey will also help with Cold And Flu symptoms. Like any herbal remedy it will take a while to become effective but it will be worth it to your body-you won't get any more sinus headaches. Stay away from decongestants, and nose sprays-these are probably the cause of your sinus problems. They dry you out and cause lesions in the cavities and infection will then move in.

Who knows for me it is year round.

depnding on your allergies mine used to last all year, but you should try a sinus rinse you can find it at wal greens it work great!!

After the first frost that reaches the rooftops.

Forget allergies. Did you even investigate whether these headaches are migraines and would benefit from a different treatment plan? It is also true that allergy sufferers often have migraines and that sinus headaches are often a misdiagnosis - they are actually headaches that have nothing to do with a problem with your sinuses.

☆Mrs. Rockstar☆
Ugh I know what you mean......I cant stand this. I wish it would get cold already.

I don't know, but what I do know is that you need to get the flu shot around every Halloween so you wont suffer from allergies.
Good luck! and Hope you fell better.

mickey g
depends on what you're allergic to. mine never end :(

but usually its once you get the frist freeze, because most people are allergic to the decomposing leaves.

take some benedryl sinus/allergy. it works great.

the first hard freeze

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