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 What will be the side effect of eating canned food and noddles daily ?

 How do I treat my three years nose allergies running and blocking and Nevin .... etc?

 Chronic Sinus Infections and breakouts?
I am 28 years old and I have chronic sinus infections and I breakout often. When I was a teenager I never had breakouts - my skin was pretty darn good. I am wondering if I could have a food ...

 What will happen if you keep using something you're allergic to?
What will happen if you keep using something you're allergic to?...

 I have a really stuffy nose but it wont go!!!!and it is spring break.HELP!!!!!!!?

 Anybody else feeling this way:?
Stuffy nose, coughing, sore/painful throat, no energy?
I've been taking: Tylenol Severe Allergy, Tylenol Severe Sinus, & Tylenol Cold...

None are helping! My insurance only ...

 Has anyone stopped their medication of amoxicillin for their strep throat because they developed an allergy?
They say you are supposed to finish all the antibiotic or it will come back, but I decided I should stop after 2 days because my feet swelled up. Now I am worried my sore throat will come back they ...

 Anyone else a really loud noseblower?
I can't help sounding like an elephant. I always have to blow my nose when my allergies are acting up and friends always laugh at me cos of the noise, anyone else like me?...

 How can I find out what I am allergic to??
I've never been allergic to anything, but within the past few months something has been bothering me like crazy.

I just can't figure out what it is...Sometimes I'm just ...

 I've been having indegestion for almost two months and i have taken three medicine nothings worked?
It started when i had sausage balm for breakfast, sausage rolls for lunch and sausages for ...

 What is wrong with me?
I've had this awful random cough for months! I sometimes cough to a point where I'm weezing. It's not hard for me to breathe or anything its just a pain in the @$$ cough. I went to ...

 What is the weirdest allergy you have ever heard of?
A friend of mine (poor guy!) is allergic to alcohol - ag shame!...

 What are histamines, or what do anti histamines do ?

 I thinkm i'm allergic to red wine, whenever i drink it i wake up the next day with an itchy rash on my neck
but i can drink other drinks and i can eat grapes so its not grapes or alcohol that im allergic to, any ideas why i could be allergic to my favourite tipple??...

 Is there any pill I can take thats like zyrtec that is over the counter?

 PLEASE HELP!I I need my voice back by tomorrow!!?
Hello everyone...
I guess this all started this thursday when i went to go practice my church song..and my voice was just a little sore and then the next day BAM!no more voice and then i thought ...

 Can sleep apnea in a child...?
be caused by allergies, he also has eczema what i think is caused from milk allergy, could that cause his sleep apnea too....

 Why is my nose stuffy and my eyes are watery?
could it be ...

 How can I make dusting less painful ?
I'm highly allergic to it....

 Are long-hair cats worse for allergies than short-hair? How about males vs females?
I've read contradictory articles. Anyone have first hand knowledge about cats and allergies?...

Lucy L
When blow my nose its yellow, what does this mean???

it means you have a malignant tumor somewhere near your brain. you have...hmmm i say about 3 days to live.

red is stop
green is go
yellow is get ready to stop

you may be sick if you have green boogies that means u have a virus

susan c
secondary infection;. Go to the dr.

could be sinus infection or cold. check with ur doc u might need antibiotics

You have a slight infection in the bit above your nose between your eyes, it will get a little worse then get better and if it doesnt see your doctor cause you might need anti biotics.

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