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 Food allergies?
I ate crab legs for an early supper and began itching all over about 4 hrs. later - esp. my feet. no swelling. this has never happened before with this food.
does this mean I'm stuck with ...

ive been having some bad allergys lately from ALL the pollen. (i live in Texas)...and ALL day LONG my left eye has been twiching. its really gettin on my nervous. is there any way to stop it? why is ...

 What is dander?

 My doctor said I've become lactose intolerant, lactaid doesn't help. Anything else I can try?
I became lactose intolerant a couple years ago. At first I was fine after eliminating milk and ice cream from my diet. Over time it's gotten worse and have had to cut out all types of cheese, ...

 How can i get rid of stuffy nose ?
its realy runny and goopy and sticky and it wont go away
Additional Details
ok i just snessed and it kinda helped....i was just saying if that will ...

 My nose hasn't stopped running for a week.?
I'm not sick, and i've been sneezing non stop and my eyes have been itching. I have no idea what I'm allergic to and I need something to take to fix this without a drowsiness side-...

 Food Colouring Allergy? (No, the "u" is not a typo- I'm Canadian!)?
I just found out one of my friends is allergic to RED food coloring. If he eats any food with it, he gets really cranky. How can someone be allergic to a food coloring?...

 Can I marinade steak and shrimp/scallops together if one of the people eating it is allergic to shellfish?
Okay, I know it's probably a stupid question, but my son is allergic to shellfish, and I'd rather know for sure....

 Anyone taking homoeopathy tablets for allergies?
because this is my second day and i think this homeoeopathy tablets are making my allergies worse. My sneezing is worse and my nose is now clogged up! should i stop taking them?...

 Anyone else had a reaction to flucloxacillin?
started to take them yesterday for cellulitus, and went crazy after the 2nd tablet as i started to itch and large blister type things appeared on my head and chest. settled down after a couple of ...

 Can you ever pull the kleenex out of the box before you sneeze?
I think this is ...

 Besides shampoo, is there anything that would clear up dandruff?

 I have recently had an allergic reaction to something and am worried it is the family pet?
We have had the family pet for about 2 months yet i have only had this reaction recently, also when i was a child we had a pet and there was no problem and i sometimes dog sit for my mother in law ...

 Im allergic to...?
nuts, yeast, dust,grass,pollen,oranges, tartrozine (however you spell it),banana,rubber, perfume and make up, certain shampoos and soaps, certain clothes powder,rabbits,cats and dogs and have asthma ...

 How do i find out which ingredient in perfume makes me itch?
so i can find the perfect perfume for me.

because some itch a lot more than others, and i'm sure i can find a perfume which won't irritate me, but perfumers keep their ...

 Allergic to cat fur and some dog hair but OK with other types of dog hair.?
I have a really bad reaction when I'm around cats or in a house where cats live, and I've discovered that I'm fine around some dogs but not others. Are some dogs hair like cats fur?

 I have just spontaneously combusted...what do i do??

 Milk intolerance?
hi, i've been told my 5wk old son may be milk intolerance. what is this and what does it mean for his futcher? will he have to aoid milk ect?
Additional Details
i'm ...

 Is there something wrong with our air conditioning, or with me?...?
Everytime the air conditioning starts (with either cool or warm air), I start sneezing!
What's the deal?
Am I allergic to something in the air, or is the a.c. messed up?


 My son seems to have an allergy to red gatorade and hawaiin punch. Any suggestions?
I thought it must be the red dye but several other drinks/foods contain it and my son has no problems. After comparing ingredients, ester gum and glycerol gum appear in both. Have you ever heard of ...

Whats the difference between side affect and an adverse reaction?

carol g
a side effect is something that you are aware of that could happen, and an adverse reaction is something you probably werent aware of and more serious!

Miss Emily
This is a massive topic in pharmacy and therapeutics to cover but to cut a long story short, there are two main types of adverse drug reactions:

Type A, which tend to be relatively rare, related to allergen reactions, can be fatal, usually unrelated to dose and are not related to the pharmacology of the medicine. For example rashes with penicillin, bone marrow problems with Carbamazepine.

Type B are far more common, related to the actual pharmacology of the drug, usually dose related, unlikely to be fatal. For example, upset stomachs with antibiotics, decreased pulse rate with digoxin etc. 'Side effects' are usually classed as these but technically speaking either category could be classed as a side effect. Side effect is a term that is used in medicine leaflets because it is more patient friendly and doesn't sound as intimidating as 'adverse drug reaction'.

Hope that helps?

sally-jo m
adverse reaction is a negetave effect to you that does not promote recovery, side affect is caused by a prodect and usualy not so bad.

Side effect - is any effect which is associated with its curative effect - nausea, tummy trouble with most of the antibiotics. Side effect is usually not damaging to health

Adverse effect - is a rare effect and untoward. - like an anaphylactic reaction when one is sensitive to any particular drug like Penicillin -An adverse reaction/effect is serious and can kill or seriously damage the health

That is an important question.
1. A side effect is a sometimes uncomfortable effect caused by a medicine you took. It isn't an allergice response. For example a side effect of taking Morphine is that it makes you sleepy. Or taking Vicodin makes you nauseous. These don't cause harm.
2. An adverse reaction or allergy to something is a reaction that causes harm to you. For example when you take a certain type of antibiotic, your lips swell up and you find it hard to breathe. This means you cannot take the drug because to continue to do so would impair your breathing.

Note: when most people say they are allergic to a drug, they really mean they get side effects that they don't like from a drug. It is important to distinguish the difference because if you claim allergy when you aren't , then you deprive your MDs of treating you with medications you might need.

side affects have to be expected and endured.
adverse reactions mean the medication isn't suitable for a particular prson

Side eeffects are precisely that, on the side. If you're taking medication for a headache, for example, a side effect would involve your neck or your stomach or some other are unrelated to head pain; in addition while a side effect may be negative it is generally not as bad as the original problem you were trying to fix, a mild stomach ache is better than a migraine any day! An adverse effect relates to the specific ailment you are trying to treat. Since it looks liemyou're taking some kind of allergy Medication an adverse effect would basically mean the medication worsens your allergic reaction instead of alleviating it.
However a side effect and an adverse effect can be one and the same if the side effect puts you in a worse situation than you were before you took the medication. If you're given antibiotics for strep throat for example, but happen to be allergic to the antibiotic, the alergic reaction would most likely be an adverse effect as it would probably call for hospitalization.

to me a side affect is a mild reaction and an adverse reaction is more serious.

A side effect happens in conjunction with the desired outcome. An adverse reaction is an outcome that is opposite of the desired effect.

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