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es muy awesome
What should you do if you eat mold by accident?
i was eating an onion bagel & halfway through i realized that in the center there is the spider web mold with little black dots.

i threw it away & rinsed my mouth out & drank water...

what should i do?????

roger l
first of all wtf!!! if you you put it in the toaster its okay because the heat kill the germs. but if you didn't call poison control

haha, i have done that before...
its very very gross.
i just had alot of gas and feelt sick and horrible for about 2 days.
then it goes away.
drink lots of water and you'll be fine.

Nothing, mold doesn't hurt the body at all, it doesn't exactly taste good, but its actually healthy.

Don't worry.. it'll just absorb in your brain with the rest of the mold already there.

call poison control! geeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!

nothing... mold won't kill you... it just looks like it will :P

Tim O
That is what penicillin is made of, try some pimento and spanish olive cream cheese next time.

I ate some mold on some strawberries

but it did not make me sick
it had a dusty flavor
I threw the rest out now though
I think you will be ok but you could call
the poison control center just to be sure?

Lots of mold in used to make medicine. There is nothing wrong with most mold except the taste.

Bread mold will not harm you.

youll be fine. just relax yourself and go buy yourself some fresh bagels.

I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep your next bag of bagels in the refrigerator.

Don't worry about catching a cold for a while.
You just had a dose of Penicillin.

♥ JustAChick ♥
Mold can't hurt you in that amount, unless you have an allergy. If you do, take 2 pink Benadryl and call your doctor asap. Other than being gross, it's not harmful otherwise. Cheese and penacilin are just two things made from mold.

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