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 How do you know if you have a milk allergy?
My son has been vomiting everytime he drinks milk products such as milk,chesse, yogurt. He has only been eating and drinking them for a month now he is 12 and 1/2 months old, and lately he has ...

 What could be wrong? My daughter woke up with puffy/swollen eyelids and body aches. No fever though.?

 Whats wrong with me?
ive just moved to spain from england and everyday since i ve moved here i must have sneezed well over hundred times a day and i m not exaggerating!!also the insides of my ears itch but deeep inside ...

 What is the best treatment for food allergy?

 Can Hay Fever be passed onto another person? Or in other words can you catch Hay Fever off somebody else?
Many T...

 I have really bad allergies to the point that I can no longer breathe through my nose. Is there anything to do
These allergies are terrible, I used to sing and can no longer do so. I would really like to get back into it but its very hard to sing and breathe through your mouth at the same time. Sometimes i ...

 What do people wash up with if they are allergic to water?

 Why do you become allergic to things that you weren't allergic to before?
for the past two years i've been getting new allergies. but really bad allergies to things that i've been around all my life. it's really frustrating. i sat in the grass one day and ...

 My child keeps sneezing in the morning and night?
She takes medication for it, but its not working.
I'm wondering if anything else is going on with her.

her doctor just says she has bad allergies.
but I'm thinking she ...

 Could these to have something in common?
I'm allergic to pencillin...highly allergic. I've known this pretty much my whole life. Recently I went in for Allergy testing and to get sublingal drops (instead of the old weekly allergy ...

 Is there a way to get the yellow out of the whites of your eyes without using regular eye drops?

 Is lactose intolerance reversible?
I used to drink loads of milk, now I get an upset tummy if I have milk products. Is this reversible if I stay off milk products? I have been lactose intolerant for around 18 months....

 Peanut allergies???
i had peanut butter m&m's today and yesterday and after i ate them yesterday my asthma started acting up. I thought it was just from my other allergies and cheerleading practice. then ...

 How do you no if you are lactose intolorent?
Like what would the symptoms be

 My son throws up everytime he eats, and coughs all the time, what does this mean?
My son has had a very serious cough for the past 3 moths, and his throat is often dry. Not only that but every time he eats he vomits it right out - EVERY TIME. the doctor has given him so many ...

 If you are allergic to asprin or Ib profin can you still use it?

 I have a question about my allergies, please help!?
i have been constantly blowing my nose for the last 2 years, like everyday of the year! what do i do, is there something i can take and whats wrong with me! and in the fall (like right now) thats ...

 Hayfever remedies that work?
My boyfriend has terrible hayfever and I was wondering if anyone knew of any remedies that actually work really well. Especially tips to calm the inflamation of his eyes which are really bad at the ...

 Is it possible to develop a new allergy over night?
We have had cats for about 3 months now and my husband has never been allergic to them. However last weekend our female cat had Kittens and now all of a sudden my husband seems to be allergic to her. ...

 I want a kitten but my boyfriend is allergic. Is there anything he can take to stop the allergy?
My boyfriend is fine with dogs but when it comes to cats, he is very allergic. I've always wanted a kitten, but of course I'm concerned about his health since he has asthma too. Are there ...

What makes your eyelid quiver ????
The lower eyelid of my left eye has an uncontrollable quivering or trembleing that comes and goes. It is really annoying! Not really painful, eye not red, no eye drainage or anything. It has been going on for about 3 days now off and on.

Could it be stress related? I have been under tremendous strain in the last week with my hubby in the hospital, and another family member sick and hospitalized at a different hospital.

Could it be sinuses or allergy? I have environmental allergies, hay fever,etc. I am a little stuffed up, but nothing major.


yes it could be due to stress and it could be due to lack of sleep and crying alot..
i learned in massage therapy school that you may have what we call a trigger point in one of your eye muscles that causes that to happen...try massaging around your eyes and your forehead

Liberty Belle
it's usually stress or a vitamin deficiecy that causes that twitch. liken it to a muscle twitch in any other part of your body. Make sure you are eating good, wholesome foods, getting enough sleep and relaxation.

A twitching eyelid usually indicates that you are fatigued. Try to relax and rest more, however, it is easier said than done when you are stressed.

Take some super B's as stress depletes your supply and that's the symptom. I have it on occasion, and a super b-Complex will help.

This happens to me when I'm really stressed out and/or tired. I'd give it about week. About 3-4 days is the longest it's lasted for me, on and off of course. Don't worry, it'll go away and you probably won't even notice. Just keep your mind on other things and limit time at the computer and television screens. Also, try and relax your eyes as much as possible; no straining. Uninterrupted sleep may be the best cure.

It's not allergy related as simply it's a muscle spasm. Allergy are usually either one of two things: Inflammation or irritation.

Hope everything gets less stressful for you soon.

Are you drinking a lot of coffee or other caffinated drinks? I get this problem when I drink too much coffee...which I do when I'm stressed!

Fatigue. Get some sleep and you'll be cured.

I get this all the time..

It is triggered by stress.
I talked to an opthalmologist I work with, and he suggested to gently massage the area that is spasming...

As well as that increase your Calcium intake.. drink more milk, eat cheese yogurt etc.

I still get the spasms from time to time, but can still see etc.. its' just a real pain in the ****.
Good luck

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