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 I have a really bad cold. Best way to clear your sinuses?
I have a stuffy and runny nose and a clogged and sore throat. Any ideas?...

 Need help with this situation....details inside.?
Okay...I have severe allergies. My husband has severe migraines. At night we sleep with a fan on because if he gets hot, he gets a migraine. The only problem is that I have not been able to sleep ...

 Home remedies for a swollen, scratched up throat?
i have a horrible, violent cough that is just tearing up my throat, what kind of home remedies can i use to sooth my throat?...

 Help me please!!!!!!!?
i have a rash all over her body its really itchy and is not bumpy it is red and purple coloured? what should i help?...

WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????...

 This bee sting still hurts like hell after 5 hours.
i got sting on the tip of my big toe on the left foot. i wrote another ? earlier. so is this normal?...

 PLEASE HELP... husbands skin allergys?
for about the past year my husband has gotten real bad skin allergys.. we havent noticed any one thing sets it off... its really anything.. after we shower, when we lay down in bed, when we watch tv, ...

 Allergic to carrots?
I'm allergic to carrots - itchy tongue, lips get ahhh.
My goal is to try to improve my vision, but I can't eat carrots.
What are some other foods that will help improve my vision?<...

 Did I eat too many peppers? Help!!!?
Hello. Yesterday, I made and ate some stuffed jalapeno peppers, wich were very good. So good infact, that I ate quite a few of them. About 6 to 10, maybe more.

My question is, is ever ...

 I have developed an allergy to the aluminum in deodorant, looking for an alternative?
I used regular deodorant for years, but now I have an allergy. I found a few deos that don't have aluminum, but---let's just say, I'm not satisfied.
Does anyone else have this ...

 Why does this happen after eating ice cream??
Ok I really wanna know.. Could I have an allergy?? After eating Ice-cream I have really bad gas and sometimes loose stools.. Anyone have this??...

 How do I get rid of allergies???
I have the WORST case of allergies, cant breath, sneezing every two seconds....achoo....and am feeling very ill....please dont say "take clariten or zertec" cause i have tried both of those ...

 My husband has animal allergies.?
we would like to get short hair dachshunds.are they good to ...

 Read this and tell me?
when i go to the toillet i bleed!what' s the problem?:(...

 Sensitive tongue? any ideas?
I am experiencing something weird, my tongue has been sensitive for the past 3-4 days, it feels like I have burned it, but I haven't had any hot drinks as I don't drink too hot teas or ...

 Skin Itch????
For the last week or so I have been really itchy all over my body. There is no rash. No skin flaking or breaks. My skin looks completely normal. When i scratch, even very lightly my entire skin ...

 Why are so many people allergic to peanuts now as opposed to years past?

 If you use Benedral will it take away the itchy sensation in a person's eye?
I have "spring allergy," and it makes my eyes itch so much that i'm about to tear them out! As a reaction to my allergies, my eyes also get swollen, as if somebody had put not-so-tiny ...

 Peanut Allergy?
My daughter Jordin is six, and she has an extremely severe peanut allergy. She goes into anaphylactic shock when peanut oil is inhaled, and at the school my children go to they're required to ...

 Itchy, irritated, red eyes in summer?
SInce i was about 16, i have tended to have sore, itichy reddened eyes during some summers (not all summers).

I used to assume it was hayfever, but i dont suffer from the usualy nasal ...

Don't Call Me Peanut
What is the fastest way to get rid of a runny nose?

Carrie C
by blowing it lol.....

Jonathan B
Sleep... Add saline solution into your nose and make sure it goes to the other side. dont breath while doing it. and drink medicine. Smell the beach.

Vantage Point
2000 mg Vit C. every 12 hours works for me.

Honest to goodness two antihistamines like Benadryl, every night will dry it up super fast, and if you can tolerate one every six hours during the day it will work even faster.

chlorpheniramine25 mg or cetrizine 10 mg tab.

Jose V
get some tissues on the inside fill them with vicks then turn them inside out and shove them in your nose yeah it looks funny but it works

vit C

alvin tang
Sleep More,Before sleep,Drink HOT Milo Or Watever that is hot =>example hot water.Eat more (vitamins C)Oranges N ETC.

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