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Additional Details
Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone...you've all been a great help! ...

Kurt M
What is the best medicine for year round allergies?
Hi. I'm a singer and I got really bad allergies two years ago and since then I have had a constant stuffy nose and congestion in my throat that affects my singing. It really has started to be a problem because it is making my voice crack randomly throughout song I am rehearsing and it is getting really annoying. I was wondering what was a really good allergy medicine that both reieves nasal and throat congestion and stops post nasal drip. I already use claritin-D and it only helps a little. I really need to do something or I'll destroy my voice because I'm trying to sing with the congestion. Please help.

Jack C
Zyrtec? Check out this: http://hakia.com/search.aspx?q=best+medicine+for+year+round+allergies%3F

zyrtec.. u can get it over the counter now

good luck

m p
The best remedy I know for allergies is Local Honey! Go to a farmer's market or Co-op market that has local honey and have two to three teaspoonfuls a day, you can replace it as a sugar in your teas or coffee or just take it as a spoonful, or it you like PB and J add the honey to it. By eating local honey you ingest the local pollens and your body becomes immune to those pollens. It's not a quick fix, but rather a better long term fix. Also, seeing you have this year round an air purifier would also help take anything out of the air that is bothering your nasal passages.

Zyrtec and also Nasonex helps me tremendously Claritin never did

To be on the safe side talk to your physican about that because somebody on yahoo could advice you to the wrong medicine that could make the situation worst!! BE SAFE

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