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 Can anybody help me..one of my friend boy occasionally have this nose bleeding problem...?
did anyone have this kind of problem...her boy is only 3yrs old ...

 Do Any Of ZYou Have This?
Whenever I eat apples, my tongue gets this itchy feeling. Does this happen to you?...

 What is gluten in food?

 Does any one know a great remedy for allergies?
I've tried Clariton OTC and prescribed, benedryl, and now Zyrtec. I'm still having major hayfever symptoms and my asthma is worsening. While I'm pregnant I can't begin ...

 I have the itchies today!?
It started on Sunday, I don't know if it's something I ate or is it this fabric softener sheets but it stops in the evening. Any ideas?...

 Mosquito bites!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!...
OK. i was out in leamington ontario when I was eaten alive by mosquetos! I am alergic and get HUGE welts the size of TOONIES! please help me !!! they itch INSAINLY!!!...

 I am allergic to Sulfa and the Doctor want me to take Gentamicin. Is that not a sulfa base product?
My understanding is that Gentamicin is a Sulfa pass product. Is that true. What should I do? I am also diabetic on insulin. I know that any Sulfa will kill me!...

 Yellow in the eyes????
ok why do i have yellow in the whites of my eyes??
Additional Details
so eyes are yellow automaticly its liver cancer ????...

 A doctor type question?
i live in New Jersey and i usually have a runny nose most of the time and i have some acne too. then i went to cancun and i had no troubles at all. my skin was clear and i could breathe easily ...

 I am getting over a sinus infection and now i am getting nose bleeds how can I stop it?
Being sick I have had to blow my nose a lot! I haven't gotten a nose bleed since I was pretty little and now it's almost a constant thing. With my nose still being stuffy there isn't ...

 Does anyone know of something i can get over the counter for my eye?
My 14 month old daughter accidently scratched my eyeball this morning and now it is watery and it hurts. It feels like i have a bunch of eyelashes in it but there is nothing there. And there is no ...

 How do you release the pressure from your ears?
All day my right ear has been clogged.


I have either hay fever or a cold (and yes some sinus pressure) which I can handle - but this ear thing is driving me NUTS!!!

 Allergie medicine?
i have bad allergies and sinus. . . i have taken so many different allergie medicines. . . are there any new over the counter medicines that really work?...

 I have hives!!!!?
i had hives now for 10 years, out of the 10 years i was 2 year hives free, i am aware of my food allergy it's wheat, peanuts, shell fish, milk, eggs. i am not eating those items at all, i have ...

 My head is stuffed up from pollen allergies and im taken perscription medication what else can i do ?

 I have to keep clearing my throat constantly?
For the past 2 months i have to keep clearing my throat..but i cant get nothing up. its driving me crazy...and irritating my throat!! i wanna die the Dr..gave me mucinex..which is not helping at all.....

 Question about sneezing?
This is kind of a weird and maybe a gross question, but I feel the need to find out if this is normal.....many times when I sneeze, something that looks like it could be food or something comes up ...

 Best NON-DROWSY Allergy Medicine??????
What is the best allergy medicine that DOESN'T make me fall asleep??

I have taken Claritin and Clarinex. None of them work at all.
And I do NOT want to take Benadryl. That stuff ...

 Allergic to every fruit.. just started recently.. question?
So, recently (like 2 years ago) I just became allergic to fruit. And it's like every fruit ever. People always think it's weird.

I LOVE fruit, and sometimes just eat a little bit ...

 Is nasonex safe to use in pregnency?
nasonax is a nasal spray used iin allergies just want to know if its safe to use in ...

What is the best OTC allergy medication for nasal congestion?
Allergies with extreme congestion and postnasal drip. Dry cough. Worst at night.

sudafed PE is awesome, its the only thing that works for me

Zyrtec...a pill taken once a day...and as for nasal spray...the best is Flonase!!! Infact...if you take Zyrtec like an everyday thing during allergy season...it will even help prevent you from getting any allery colds or bacterial sinus infections. My daughter was given Fluticasone propionate nasal spray...I think that might have been a generic of Flonase...but that is a great one too. If you have asthma that is usually trigger by allergies...Advair is the besst!!! It is actually not a get well meds..it is more of a preventive meds for asthmatic people...to keep them from getting sick when in contact with allergies. I hope that helps...but as far as OTC....never tried any of them...I am not sure...you can always go to a pharmacist...and ask him/her which allergy meds are the best next to the ones I mentioned....oh ...I just remembered...clartin D...that worked for my son. I guess it works differntly for each person...you would have to try and see which is the best for ya. Good Luck!!

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathic Cure :-
1.Arsenicum Album 30, Three drops in a sip of water half hour before meals avoid chocolates mints Coffee and red Meat while you are taking Homeopathic Remedies.
Please read about this remedy by clicking the link below and copy paste the symptoms which are similar to yours on an email and send them to me.
Take Care and God Bless you.

Suphedrine...sold at WALMART in US.

dw gave good info except those are not OTC only prescription. For OTC meds Claritin D has the antihistamine and Decongestant, Nasochrom nasal spray helps too

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