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 Is there any poison in perfume? I accidentally spray it into my eye?
and aching now, cleaning with water still cannot ease.....

 This question is for any women who have been pregnant and had allergy problems or for anyone knowledgeable?
Is Benadryl Allergy safe to take during pregnancy? Anyone who is knowledgeable about allergies in pregnant women can answer this question. Pregnant women can't take any type of medication. S...

 Have you experienced this? Allergies in children.....?
Over the course of 2 months my son (5yrs old) had had 3 bouts of illness that include these symptoms. They occour in this order everytime... . wakes up complaining of a sore throat, lays around like ...

 Can 14K gold really cause allergies?
Cause of what ingredient? Is 18K better?

And how common are these allergies?...

 When you have a cold why do we get green snot?

 SEVERE fatigue/diziness. sinusitis? allergies?
I got pregnant December 2006 and when I was 6 week I began to feel dizzy, like I drank about 10 beers, too dizzy to drive, i would stumble into walls. And I was utterly exausted. I was sure that i ...

 Will an air purifier in my living room stop it from smelling dank?
When I come back after a few hours or wake up in the morning (especially when the window is closed), the living room will smell bad. I assume there is mold growing in the carpet. Would an air ...

 Is there a cat that causes less allergic reaction than others?
I am aware that they have geneticly engineered a "hypoallergenic cat", but I am wondering if there is a certain breed that would not affect my allergies as bad as others. I get allergy ...

 Blocked ear help!?
I have a cold and my ear is FREAKING BLOCKED, its been the whole day!! I yawned sooo many times and blocked my nose and everything but it doesnt work!! It doesnt hurt its just really annoying and ...

 My daughter has a bloody nose so often, what can i do to stop it, and what can i do to prevent it?

 I am being tormented by hives!?
I've been allergy tested to death and react to nothing except the control allergen. My doc says that 90% of the time they never find a cause for the hives, but 90% of the time, they go away on ...

 Anyone been told they have polyps in there nose or sinuses?
What did you have done and does this procedure hurt to get rid of them? i need an expert ENT. thanks....

 Allergic to "free & clear" laundry soap???
For months I've felt this itching sensation all over my body at various times throughout the day. The worst is when I try to sleep at night, because I'm trying to lay still, and all I can ...

 Im having acute allergy.what should i do?
whenever there is change of season or i get exposed to dust i start sneezing very much, and my throat and neck starts paining.i take cetrizine dihydrochloride at that time which gives temporary ...

 Year-round coughing - any ideas?
heres the story: i've had this need to cough about every couple of minutes for a few years now, and it happens year-round so the idea of seasonal allergies is out of the question. i've ...

 Allergic reaction?
I have a red rash. a few are raised but most of the bumps you can't feel. There are millions of pinhead sized bumps with red vertical lines. It started on my arms and nows its on both my legs, ...

 Anyone know why I'd suddenly develop anaphylactic reactions to several foods at 37?
In the past 6 months I've suddenly developed life-threatening allergic reactions to all shell fish and tree nuts...I'm wondering if there might be some hidden cause for the sudden ...

 I've been experiencing a undescribable lump in my throat for a while? What can I do to clear my throat?

 Why is my one nose always blocked?
Nasal sprays don't help. Is it chronic sinus?...

 HELP!!! What Is An Over The Counter Allergy Medicine That REALLY works?
Only Benadryl clears up my symptoms...itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing. But Benadryl also makes me sooo sleepy!...

What in Cheerios causes me to run to the bathroom?
OK, so diarrhea is gross, but it happens. For me it happens whenever I eat Cheerios. Any idea what could cause this? It doesn't have a huge amount of fiber[I eat many other foods with much more]. I have no problem eating oatmeal or other foods that on the surface look like they contain similiar ingredients. What's the deal here?
Additional Details
As an added detail after some of the initial answers...I don't eat them with milk. I eat them dry.

Karen F
I would suspect it is the milk and not the cereal! It is called Lactose Intolerance. Try eating yogurt it will help settle your digestive system.

It has 2 b the oatmeal in the cereal....unless u r using bad milk every time but that's not likely.
try another brand of cereal (w/out the oatmeal) n c what happens.

chelsea v
r u lactose i tolerant

It contains wheat ingredients. You may be allergic to Gluten. Stop eating them for a week and see how you feel. Best to get an allergy test for Wheat. You may have developed a food allergy.

more than likely it is the milk, and not the cereal making you head for the bathroom

most milk has steroids in it from the farmers feeding their cows steroids in order to produce larger volumes of milk.....

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