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 How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.

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 I feel sick in my throat every second of every day for the past 20 years! Can anyone help?
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 Is it impossible to be allergic to tomatoes?
my boyfriend and i are trying to settle an argument
Additional Details
i knew it. thanks ...

 Sore throat?
my throat was scratchy yesterday & it more today. it is mainly when i swallow. my ears feel like they are stopped up & i have a dry cough sometimes. is it allergies? also, any tips to allow ...

 Do you have any allergies?
What are you allergic too?? Any foods? Pets? Meds?

What happens when you come in contact with what you are allergic too?...

 Can you give a kid benedryl and clariten together?
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 Does anyone else feel like crap today?
Allergies have consumed my head and there is so much freakin pressure.
There shold be a law against daffoldils in the office for people that suffer from allergies....

 I am allergic to milk....?
so extremly allegic that you get the fumes around me and i break out in hives. I cannot eat in the cafetiria in my school because the smell of milk makes an overwealming feeling of suffocation, but ...

 What food allergy do you have?

Judey D
What happens when your highly allergic to milk?

you get diarrhea

you can't taste and drink milk.

Tiplea T

Then You Don't Drink It.

then i guess your airways will contract and you won't be able to breathe...

Benji's Mom
It can kill you...be very careful with this as milk is in everything. Learn to read all labels.

Gus M
Milk allergy is as an immunologically mediated adverse reaction to one or more cow's milk proteins.

In some people the ingestion of cow's milk can trigger the body into launching an inappropriate immune response to the proteins in milk resulting in an allergic reaction.The principal symptoms are gastrointestinal, dermatological and respiratory. These can translate to: skin rash, hives, wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and distress. The clinical Spectrum extends to diverse disorders: anaphylactic reactions, atopic dermatitis, wheeze, infantile colic, gastroesophageal reflux (GER), oesophagitis, allergic colitis and constipation.

The symptoms may occur within a few minutes after exposure in immediate reactions, or after hours (and in some cases after several days) in delayed reactions.The principal symptoms are gastrointestinal, dermatological and respiratory. These can translate to: skin rash, hives, wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and distress. The clinical Spectrum extends to diverse disorders: anaphylactic reactions, atopic dermatitis, wheeze, infantile colic, gastroesophageal reflux (GER), oesophagitis, allergic colitis and constipation.Milk allergy is a food allergy, an adverse immune reaction to a food protein that is normally harmless to the non-allergic individual. Lactose Intolerance is a non-allergic food hypersensitivity: it is due to the deficiency of the enzyme Lactase, which is required to digest the predominant sugar in milk.Currently the only treatment for milk allergies is total avoidance of milk proteins. Initially if the infants are breastfed, the lactating mothers are given an elimination diet. If symptoms are not relieved or if the infants are formula-fed, milk substitute formulas are used to provide the infant with a complete source of nutrition. Milk substitutes include Soy milk and hypoallergenic formulas based on hydrolysed protein or free amino acids.

Rice milk or Soy milk are also sometimes used as milk substitutes by older children and adults, but is not suitable nutrition for infants.

Some manufacturers also provide fruit juices supplemented with Calcium which may provide an alternative for adults and older children.

Milk allergy covers all milk-based products, including milk, yogurt, butter, milk chocolate, cottage cheese and other cheeses. If on an avoidance diet, care must also be taken to avoid food containing the following: milk, skimmed milk, Whey powder, cheese, lactose, buttermilk, yogurt, casein, some chocolate, butter and some margarines as these can contain milk.

While it is relatively easy to avoid milk in unprocessed foods, it is commonplace for milk or milk derivatives to be included in processed foods, such as sausages, cakes, some soups, gravies, potato chips/crisps and "TV dinners" (microwaveable ready meals).

Milk is naturally rich in Calcium. If on an avoidance diet it is important that dietary advice is taken as a replacement source of Calcium may need to be found to prevent the longer term risk of Calcium definciency and osteoporosis.

You can't drink milk. NEXT!

you would get really bad stomach cramps everytime you eat dairy products, such as eggs, milk, butter and anything made with them, and the squirts. needless to say..

I know someone personally who is highly allergic to milk. His throat will swell shut if he gets anything with milk in it. He has been to the emergency room several times and has to carry an epi-pen. Even Whey, lactose, or butter will cause a reaction.

stay away from cows

dont eat ice cream

Jacuzzi Lover
Drink Soy milk or rice milk.

Usually, other dairy products are 'no-no's, too. Es no verdad?

You get itchy, with a runny nose, ear goop, throat ache, stomach bubbles, and a touch of fart dust.

My daughter is allergic to milk. She starts to make noises, like heavy wheezing, in short, quick bursts. She started this with baby formula. Her pediatrician told us to try Alimentum formula and it went away. When she was old enough for milk, she started to make the same sounds. We now have her on Lactaid. She doesn't make those sounds unless she drinks milk from my other daughter's sippy cup.

It means you stay away from dairy products that contain milk. And if you have children they will or can have the same allergy so that means you won't be able to breast feed you will have to give them Soy milk instead.

I guess you should just stay away from milk! and definitely don't drink anything with milk in it!

Jessi y
Just say NO!! and run

avoid any dairy products, unless you want to take meds.

Your body can't tolerate to eat it or even have it touch your skin. My daughter is allergic to milk. She gets hives, her asthma starts to bother her, she sneezes, coughs, gets stomach aches, and red cheeks. She gets big hives sometimes...they look like big masquito bites. She needs to carry an Epipen with her in case of a serious reaction. They said that she could stop breathing, go into anaphylactic shock, and die. I need to watch what she eats very carefully. She has had the allergy since she was a born and she is eight now. She can not have any foods that have any milk ingredients including the regular dairy products, Whey, casein, lactose, or anything else that starts with Lact-. She needs to drink Soy or Rice Milk. Her favorite is the Stop-and-Shop Brand Chocolate Soy.

you might get hives , stomache ache, fever, rash , itchy throat

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