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 Am i the only one who experiences allergies through an ITCHING NOSE?

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 Itchy eyes?
know any home remedies?
i need some help.
- dont say sleep, medicine, creams, or anything i wouldnt have right now.

thanks :)...

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lover of american eagle
What do you take for stopped up nose???? what kind of medcine??!!~~?
i have tired everything !! HELP ME!!

I agree with Tina B Sudafed works the best!

Olbas oil for inhaling.Menthol,which you can get as a lozenge,Or a sniffing inhaler.

flonaise and vicks vapor rub is what i use and they work well ; )

♥ Tina B ♥

neo-synephrine is the best stuff i ever used , you can get it a walmark or any drug store. spray two squirt with head raised and shake the container some before appying to nose. it last about 12 hours its great for stuffed up nose...it was help drain the mucus out of you nose and cause it to not stop up afer its used..

Have you tried rubbing Blistex medicated lip ointment under and around the bottom of your nose. Breath easier and heal the soreness from wiping.

well, start by laying off Cocaine for a while, that helps

Maid of Constant Sorrow
Any nasal spray like Afrin works wonders but you have to be sure not to over-use or it will worsen the condition. Over than that all I know of is medicine like Sudafed, which I have never found to work all that well. I have the same problem. I wish you luck!

Good old fashion "COTTON BALLS"

Apply chestrub to the soles of your feet when you hop into bed. In the morning you will feel much better.

Clarinex and a saline rinse.

any allergy medicine can usually dry it up. a good over teh counter one if alavert, but theres allso Allegra d and claratin d

Matt A
Sudafed is a good choice. If you want to tackle it hard and fast, add an antihistamine like Clariton. You may want to try Guaifenesin ( gwye-FEN-e-sin). The best known brand is Musinex.

nose Spray is good too however, DO NOT USE Afrin for more then 3 days in a row. Another good nose Spray you CAN use long term is Nasalcrom or the generic form of it.

Good luck

Sudafed for for longer term relief, and Afrin nose Spray for immediate relief.

mary k
steamy shower with vicks and a good wiff of Horseradish should do the trick.

Mike J
Decongestant. The natural remedies are to maintain health. When you have a cold, that is an infection. Your lungs are producing the mucus to protect your body from the germ.
Having a runny nose is not the problem, it's your body's natural solution.
You need to take care of your body, so it can destroy the harmful things on its own, without needing medicine. Prevention is the best cure - but for now, I recommend hot (strong) lemonade, rest, and see a doctor if it doesn't get better.

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