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ok then now that we have that ...

What do yellow eyes mean??

sign of jondas.(liver disease)

is the white part yellow or is it drainage? either way dude, go see your doctor. that could mean problems with your liver but you will need a blood test to make sure.

u probably have problems with your liver

If you mean the whites of the eyes are yellow, then jaundice and it normally means your liver is struggling.

It means go to a doctor cause it could be a severe problem.

This is called " icteric". The whites of the eyes should not be yellow.When this occurs, this can indicate liver problems. The liver is damaged for whatever reason (s ) and therefore, cannot function properly. So,the function of the liver is severely impaired causing certain chemicals to buildup in the blood.This will cause "yellowing" of the eyes, among other symptoms. So, there are liver problems. I hope that this helps !!

When something is wrong with your liver your eyes and or skin turn a yellowish color. I'd get checked out by a docter ASAP.

russianblue 20
liver problems. Visit a Doctor and check as soon as possible.

cowabunga mama
The other answers are right, it is usually a sign of jaundice. You can't live without your liver, so you need to see your doctor right away.

keith h
the whites of your eyes? jaundice, indicative of liver problems. see a doctor today. if you drink, stop.

Jenn S
jaundice~ liver disease~ go to dr

Having yellow eyes or skin is called jaundice. It is a sign of many illnesses/problems usually having to do with the liver or red blood cells. Track your symptoms and call your doctor ASAP.

old lady
When the whites of your eyes turn yellow, that's usually a symptom of jaundice and jaundice is caused by liver malfunction, damage or infection. Best idea is to take your yellow eyes and your liver to your friendly doctor and get a more qualified opinion on what's wrong and what to do about it.

Usually means jaundice.

A yellowing of the eyes or skin is jaundice. These is caused by excessive bilirubin in the skin. Could possible be a problem with the liver or there is an excessive amount of Red blood cells being broken down for some reason. Please contact the dr.

liver problems. do you drink a lot or smoke?

Jaundice. It is a sign of liver failure.

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