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 Help for Peanut allergy?
Hi all, My niece is having peanut allergy n she is just 3 yrs old. She's seen a doctor . Wat can we do at home to reduce the allergy other than the medicines....

 What can I do to help my eyes?
I keep thinking that it is eye allergies. They are burning, red all around and they are very dry. they hurt like crazy and I feel like I could cry all day long....

 Is it possible to be allergic to onions?
Every time I eat anything that has raw onions in it I start to feel very sick, ie: lightheaded and nauseas oh and the taste stays in my mouth/throat for ages.

When it's cooked I am ...

 Bee alergy?
Well my boyfriend is alergic to bees and honey...Cou you please tell me what would be if he would be beaten by one?Or if he ate honey?What is the worse case and how should i react?
Additional D...

 What on earth could be causing my allergies?
I have horrible fall allergies. And the odd thing about them is that on days when the pollen count is low, they go crazy (usually the lower the crazier). And the days when the pollen count is high, ...

 Can your eyes really pop out of your head when you sneez?
my mom says they can....

 Is this a Chocolate allergy?
Everytime i eat chocolate my tongue swells & i vomite and everytime i smell chocolate i start vomiting or get a headache

Do i have a allergy to ...

 Have you ever gone into anaphalaxic shock?
When i took Amoxycillin my throat swelled up making it hard to breathe.
I was then told it was anaphalaxis and not to take it any more....

 I am lactose intolerant...?
....and I hate the taste of Soy Milk. Just ugh.
I have heard of Lactose-Free Milk, or lactaid.
People have said that they like the taste of lactose free milk, people have said there is no ...

 Does anyone know if there's a cure for allergic rhinitis.??
and suggest a nasal spray which has worked for u or some1 u know....

 What's the best solution for a rash due to an allergic reaction?

 Am I alergic? Or does this happen to you?
I love avacados. I always have. I am not alergic to anything we know of except maybe penicline. But whenever I eat avacados my throat itches. I dont get sick or anything and it happened to a few ...

 Can I sue a restaurant for....?
My mom ate at a sea food restaurant and a day later got really sick and had to go to the ER they said that it was an allergic reaction to the shrimp she had(she never was allergic before). then a ...

 Are these symptoms of human cat allergies?
throughout the day, when i am with my cat, i am fine. however, at night, if he is sleeping in my room, i wake up with a red rash on my neck, a stuffy nose, and puffy red eyes. BUT, this only ...

 I have hives?
I had Hives for over 8 years i cant seem to get rid of them. is there some way to get rid of them?...

 Sun allergy?
in the summer i get these awful bumps on my face, this only happens at summer any other time my face is fine. Does anyone else suffer this and know of a good cream. No matter how high the factor is ...

 Does anyone here have a allergy to honey?
My allergy specialist has never heard of this before and apparently I am one of three people in the world! surely this cant be true! my blood has been taken for all sorts of studies aroudn the world I...

 Does anyone know if the pollen count has been high lately?
i think my hayfever is acting up again because my eyes are very itchy & sore and that only happens when the pollen count his high. i'm in cambridgeshire.
Additional Details
can ...

 Is anyone with average alleries having a major allergy problem this season?
Any reasons why?...

 Help!! My allergies are killing me!?
My allergies have been the worst the past 2 weeks. I haven't felt like this in about 6 years. Can anyone suggest a really good OTC med for nasal congestion and sinus pressure? I've tried ...

Jennifer K
What causes one nostril to be stopped up?
Why was my lesft nostril stopped up and it went away,but my right one is stopped up now? What causes it to go back and forth?

If you are talking about one being clogged by snot then it is natural because your body prefers breathing through the nose because the hair's in your nose clean the air our so your body puts all the mucus in one nostil so you can still clearly breath through one.

Boogies!!!! HE HE HE!!!!!!!!!!

Katie H
Usually a cold can cause them. Happens to be a lot. Just goes with being all congested and having a nose and chest full of mucus and phlegm.

Couture Princess
the tissue is swollen.

Van is due 5/8/08!
who knows! When that happens, I lay on the opposite side and wait for gravity to take place. There is a great saline nasal spray called Ayr at walmart..

Mango Muncher

its all the above,,pressure in your head,sinas,throat just cuz your sick get better it goes away

Michael B
your nasal passages lead to your sinus chambers and the mucus and phlegm litterally travel back and forth from side to side....want proof....if one nostril is stuffed up lay on your opposite side for about 5 minutes and that nostril will clear while the other stuffs up

You my dear have the same problem I do. It is caused by allergies. I have a deviated septum on my left nostril, so breathing through that side of my nose is a problem. I am using an antihistamine called clarinex. It seems to work pretty good. I also use breath right strips at night. You can buy them over the counter. It is a little plastic that sticks to the outside of the nose, and opens up the nostrils so you can breath better at night. Works for me so maybe it can work for you also. As far as the antihistamine clarinex, you need a prescription from the doctor. But I am sure that you can buy Claritan over the counter and that is about the same. And if you keep it to hot in the house that to can affect you sinuses. So keep it a little cooler at night. Another thing you can try is Affirm. It is a nasal spray that you can only use for three days and then you have to quit. Otherwise your symptoms can become worse. So I hope this helps you to some degree. Good luck! May you breath better real soon.

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