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What causes hives and how do i get rid of them?
Hi guys does anyone know what causes hives?and how do i get rid of them,i havent had them for years and suddenly i have them and they drive me nuts,any help would be appreciated.thank you have a good one.oh i take an antihisimine every day.
Additional Details
Hi guys thank you for all your answers,you guys are a mine of info for sure.some good information,so thank you all so much.

magic man
they can be caused by an allergy or sometimes stress, get some piriton tablets, they are brilliant, & should help clear it up in no time, they are available over the counter good luck.

hi you can have hives for up to a year or more and never find the cure, something to do with the Histamine in your body. my daughter had this and the Dr prescribed Cetirizine for the rash and if that didn't work she took cemetidine on top for the itch.The hives just didn't come back one day. hope this helps.

Hives are normally caused by an allergic reaction to something. I have a friend who gets hives from being in the sun.

To ease the itching, try taking oatmeal baths (Aveeno is great).

Record what you eat, then note whether the hives are better or worse each day. Also make notes on anything different from usual. Like spending more time in the sun, going on a walk (could be something growing causing the problem), the best solution is to find out the source of the problem. After you discover the source, you can eliminate it and solve your problem.

Debra S
Benedryl pills and benedryl lotion. Sometimes you have to get a steroid shot to get rid of those nasty hives. They are an allergic reaction to something.

piriton plus e45 anti Itch cream , better still get a blood test for disorders

put Calamine lotion

Queen of the Dust Mites
Starfish: Hives are a symptom of allergy. Allergy is a chronic condition caused by a defect in the immune system. You cannot cure allergies but you can control them. By controlling your exposure to the problem allergen, you control the allergic reaction. Basically, your body mis-identifies harmless proteins as enemy germ invaders. It causes the immune system to go into action, the human immunoglobulin IgE is produced and as a result you get Histamine that causes all sorts of problems. In some people it is runny nose or itchy watery eyes, in others it is eczema or asthma and in your case it is hives. The only way to stop the hives is to stop exposure to the problem protein. In your case, it doesn't sound like you know what the trigger is. If you don't want this to keep happening, then get thineself to an allergist or an immunologist for testing. If you skin is in such bad shape they can't do a skin test, then they can perform a blood test (RAST). It takes longer to get results from the RAST, but it is accurate. Once you know the triggers, you will know what to avoid. You mention that you take an antihistamine every day. If your allergies are under control, you won't have to take the antihistamine and you won't have the hives. In the meantime, you can use Calamine Lotion or Witch Hazel on the hives. You can apply straight Glycerin to help heal the skin if the hives have erupted. But you should really get the testing so not only can you skip the drugs, you can skip the hives too.!

Use Calamine lotion this will take the itch away,

Some things I have known to cause hives other than allergies:
1) Liver disorders
2) Thyroid autoimmune problems
3) H. Pylori infections
4) urinary Tract infections gone crazy
5) Systemic mastocytosis (more serious)
At the allergist office I work at, if a person comes in with hives, they might get a lot of blood tests done to see if any of these things could be an underlying condition and there are a lot of people who have these and don't realize it.

laura l
Hives are a reaction you get when you are allergic to something. Things like medication, certain foods and drinks and products can cause it. Are you taking any tablets at the moment or using any different product eg washing powder? Maybe you have added or changed something in your diet? Please go to the doctor to find out and get this treated. Good luck sweetie xxx

How old are you? This may seem like a personal question, but no-one else has mentioned it, are you going through your menopause?

The change in hormone balances can also effect hives (besides the usual allergies and stress). I recommend anti-histamines and application of ice-packs to soothe the affected area.

They can be caused by something you've eaten eg., oranges.
Put Calamine lotion on to cool them.

keep a daily diary of what you are eating and what time then document the time and severity of the hives. Try to figure out what is causing them, so you can avoid it. In the mean time get some oatmeal bath. It is relaxing and helps with the itching. Hope that helps

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