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Use a roto-rooter!

You need to go to a doctor. If over the counter allergy meds don't work, you should get prescription medication. Sometimes what starts off as a simple Allergy can develop into a sinus or other upper respiratory infection. In the meantime, drink plenty of fluids and try taking a hot, steamy bath - this usually helps you to breathe better but this is only temporary.

hellen s
Try natural remedies
Garlic is very good - try it out

Girl named Sue
Rub Vick's Vap-o-rub onto your chest & under your nose. Take a steam bath (before you use the Vicks). Plug in a humidifier/vaporizer. Squirt nasal saline up your nose & then blow it out.
maybe try drinking some hot & spicy soup or eating something spicy like peppers or salsa or Thai food. Sometimes spicy or hot things will help by making your nose run & be less congested.
When you sleep, prop your head up on several pillows or put a few blocks or bricks under the head of the bed frame. Gravity will help bring some of the congestion down.
And drinks LOTS of fluids - water, juice, etc.
Avoid dairy products which some say make congestion worse.
Contact the Dr if any of the nasal congestion is green - that would mean you have a sinus infection. Also call Dr if you have a high fever or if the symptoms don't go away in a few days.
Good luck!

Rinse your nose out with saline solution. There are several products out there that are made specifically for this.


Go to the drug store and buy some mucinex. It loosens the mucus and makes it easier to blow out and cough out.

It comes in regular formula and with a Decongestant. I suggest the regular one because the mucinex-D can make you too dry and you won't be able to get rid of the mucus at all.

Drink plenty of water!

1. mucinex, hands down. It starts to work immediately but give it two days and you'll be noticeably improved. Drink tons of water, more than 8 glasses/day
2. Steam your sinuses open over a pot of steamy water, better yet if you can add a few drops of pure eucalyptis oil to the water.
3. Sinu-cleanse (from Walgreens) to cleanse your sinuses (instant relief)
4. Discontinue immediately any refined sugars, breads.. anything white! Also discontinue milk products until your sinuses have cleared.

Take care now because a sinus infection can lead to migraine and that is brutal!

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