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 Could this rash be an allergy to antibiotics?
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Barbie L
What can i use instead of benadryl?
i am allergic to ALL raw fruits and vegtables. i am also allergic to most trees and grass and dust and animals. i cannot walk through the produce section at the store, or even touch most raw fruits and vegtables. all of these things make my throat swell i have had these allergies since early childhood. i am almost 40 and benadryl no longer stops my throat from swelling.
what can i take instead?

I don't have as severe allergies as you, but mine do get pretty bad. I've had a lot of luck with Tylenol Multi-Symptom allergy Med. It's OTC, so you could pick up almost anywhere. Don't forget your epi-pen just in case! Good Luck!

You should talk to your doctor or even the pharmacy at your local drug store. Since you probably have been taking Benadryl for so long your body has become immune to it. Some other allergy medicines are clariten clear and Allegra.

Flower Girl
Claritan maybe. Or allerest

I think you need to go to an allergist and have desensitation shots. I used to be allergic to raw fruits and vegetables. Just getting the juice on my skin would make me break out in a rash. I had to have all fruits and vegetables well cooked. I went to an allergist for pollen allergies. After being on desensitation shots for five years, my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away! Now I can eat salad and even watermelon. They will know what medicine will be most effective.
I, personally, never take Benadryl. It does absolutely nothing to me; I can't tell that I have taken anything.

if your allergy is that severe, i suggest you consult your doctor to ask for a much stronger medication which includes prednisone

Oreo Schmoreo
I like Chlor-Trimeton

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