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 Does benedryl help with peanut allergies?
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 Am I sick or is it allergies?
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 How do I get my nose to stop running!?
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What can I do to unclog my nose??
how can i unclog my nostrils TELL ME ASAP I' CANT BREATH HERE!!!

Use a pencil. Lead side up.

get in a hot bath tub, and when the water is running put ur nose sorts in it, it has to be hot tho!

Icyelene R
Humidity -Steam water with cloth over head breathe in,Take decongestants for allergies


Breathe Right nasal strips, sinus meds (such as Claritin), and Rhinocort nasal inhaler

well. to unglog your nose, put some mentholatum on your chest when you sleep, take hot baths because the steam works wonders on your sinuses (sp?)

afrin works great but be careful cause it is addicting.

Or, go in the bathroom and put a towel over your head with the sink on realllly hott and put your head over the sink and breath in the hott steam....that helps too.. Or Vicks.

Liberty and Justice For All
Take Sudafed. Not Sudafed PE, but plain old Sudafed.

Some people also like to use the nasal spray called "Ocean".

Also, use Breath Right strips. They are very helpful when your nose is all clogged due to a cold.

White Zephyr
Fastest way I know of is putting something peppery on your tongue and let the burn sensation develop for over a minute. That sensation travels up to your sinuses and makes them flow faster than any medication or other natural treatment I have ever tried.

You don't have to eat or swallow the peppers/peppery food. All that's needed is the weird pain signal eventually messing with your sinuses and making them open up. I know it sounds annoying but with a "severe clog" of the nose or head it works wonders on most people.

Ivan The Terrible
go to shower and turn it on really hot and breath steam, or pour a little water in it in the shower and blow it out very quickly, its safe itl burn a lil tho

Lavender oil!! It works so well to help clear your nose. I use it all the time, you can find it online. Just don't get the diluted kind, it needs to be full strength.

Wanda J
smell vix it would help alot

Use a straw or an eye dropper to drip a few drops of warm salt water in each nostril, then sit up straight and let your nose drain itself out.

Take Pseudophedrine (not the new Sudafed, but the old stuff, it's only sold behind the pharmacy counter and you have to be 18 to buy it)

Use Vicks Vapor Rub, rub a little bit directly under your nose

Saline nasal spray should help and not damage the sensitive membranes in your nose. Try sleeping with a vaporizer with that Vicks Vapo Steam as well.

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