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thanks for all da help....

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What are some fizzy drinks that can help an upset stomach???

Additional Details
I don't have soda or ginger ale.
My parents gave me tonic water and it was nasty!!!! So if you have recipies to make it better......


Add the tonic water to fruit juices. And you get used to tonic water after a while, different brands tast different. It's better than Alka-Seltzer.

Sprite or 7-Up.

David K
Flat 7-up or Ginger ale help , as long as there is no fizz

I've always went for 7-Up or Sprite, I've also tried Coke a couple times before too, it's said it coats your stomach, has worked for me, but everyone is different, I always drink my coke watered down though and at room temperature.

Ginger ale and saltine crackers will help you!

sprite..........Ginger ale

ginger ale
root beer

You can actually eat a Peppermint and that could sooth your stomach.

But I also agree with Ginger ale

I always use 7up with the fizz.

ginger ale is always what my mom gave me as a kid but she'd flaten it first even to this day i drink it when i get sick. It doesn't always have to be flat though.

Wrong number
I vote for Cola Syrup. It has worked for us and our grandson every time. It is very soothing and tastes good. I also nibble on saltine crackers if I can keep them down. They absorb stomach acids. # 1. Cola Syrup #2. Ginger ale. both mixed with some saltine crackers. Your pharmacist or store clerk will show you where the Cola Syrup is. I usually buy 2 so I always have it on hand. It works that well.

♥live laugh love ♥
Well, this isn't a fizzy drink but, I'm pretty sure Powerade and Gatorade help.

baking soda (one teaspoon) and a glass of water, doesn't taste very good, but can help. Tea can help, Chamomile tea...Coke or sprite....

7Up or Sprite...but the best thing is cola syrup that you can get @WalMart in the pharmacy section.

♥ H.2k7 ッ
Ginger ale (the Ginger calms the stomach..))
flat 7UP (I dont know the science behind this but apparently it contains something that helps calm your stomach, too. It works for me when i'm feeling ill.)

Just put a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of warm water and drink up!! This will realkalise a sensitive acid tummy very quickly ...................... :0)


mix 1 teaspoon Heinz apple cider vinegar with 1 cup hot water and 2-3 tablespoons of honey, stir well and drink it helps many things such as upset tummy, diareah, headaches and much more


I am not quite sure why you should have a fizzy (i.e. carbonated) drink for an upset stomach.

The gas released by such drinks can cause stomach distention and increase discomfort until you belch out the air. Also, carbonated sodas are often acidic and may not help an upset stomach feel better.

Some people use Aspirin-containing products such as Alka-Seltzer and Goodie Powder in the U.S that when dissolved in water make what could be classified as a fizzy drink. AVOID THESE FOR AN UPSET STOMACH AS THE Aspirin COULD MAKE ULCERS AND BLEEDING FROM THEM WORSE, OR EVEN CAUSE ULCERS WHERE THERE ARE NONE.

An upset stomach can sometimes feel better with reduced-fat milk (unless you are lactose intolerant) or with plain low-fat yogurt.

Hope you'll feel better soon.

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