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Curious Alice
Wearing eye make-up makes my eyes burn.?
Everytime I wear eye make-up (mascara and foundation /powder near my eyes), they sting and burn! Is there anyone else with this problem, and have you found a solution? (other than just not wearing any make-up, which is what I usually end up doing).

I have food allergies too so this is more than likely just another allergy.

try buying the most expensive stuff you can afford, when you must use it.
take it off as soon as you get home and put on eye cream.
take off all the make-up - always.
take regular vitamins for boosting your immune system. if you become healthier, this should stop. I am also allergic to a whole bunch of stuff, so I make sure to take the vitamins and it does make you feel better.
have you noticed when it starts? if it is only during certain months, or only in certain places, maybe it has to do with somezhing else.

I Love Shawn!
Well maybe your allergic to the make-up you wear so try a different type........they make my eyes sting 2 and thats because i just started wearing make-up maybe your not use to it so just give it some time and if u suddenly have changed the brand of make-up you wear that could cause it 2

I used to have ezcema on my eyelids and could not wear any eye make up as this would make it worse. However I swear by this and I have been fine since and use every night and I have no symptoms and can wear any eye make up.

Simply a tub of vaseline I apply a layer on my lids at night when I go to bed and it works wonders.

If you have ezcema already you may be best to go to doc and get some cream they can give you Hydrocortisone cream to clear it (can't buy this for the face area over the counter). Once its cleared vaseline can help as it keeps your lids moist.

Might be worth a try as it could be that you have ezcema which is being aggravated by the eye make up.

gran l
Have you tried changing different make-up? Not all companies have the same ingredients as others- you may simply be allergic to something one company uses in it. If you are still having problems, then you need to look up natural make-up, its more exspensive but if you want to wear make-up then it'll probably be your best bet. you could also no wear makeup.

sounds like you could be allergic- check out natural make up ranges- one which are designed for sensitive skin etc- do a search online- Good Luck!!

Boots No 7 or Almay (both hypoallergenic)

Try Almay

Katydid ★
Try buying gentler products for around your eyes.

Clinique make up is designed for people who usually have problems. I was allergic to lots of brands, but have been okay with Clinique.
Also, if you have a bad reaction to their make up, they give you your money back, they guarantee its non-allergenic.
If you can't wear clinique, then chances are any make up will cause you problems.
You could try taking an anti Histamine, but that seems extreme just for mascara!
Have you tried having your lashes dyed? That lasts 4-6 weeks, and gives a good effect if you can't wear make up (make sure you or the salon does a patch test with the dye first)

miss m
Be sure that the makeup youre using isnt old and try a non-cosmogenic brand like Neutrogena or Physicians Formula...both are designed to be natural and work with your skin not against it.

Dont wear it. Simple

It doesn't make mine burn but
it makes them itch and water.
Almay is a good Gentle makeup.

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