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I'm not dairy allergic, lactose intolerant nor celiac since I've been thoroughly tested. When I ingest these products I get irritable bowel symptoms.
Additional Details
I am ...

 Is it true when u get bit my a mosquito it lays an egg in u,when it itches it wiggles,u scratch u give it air?

 OMG i might die im allergic?
im allergic to peanut butter and i think i just ate something with it in there and ate alot of it. im already started itching really bad but i cant throw up and i need to throw uo befor i friggin die ...

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 It is extremely rare to have an alcohol allergy?
Only a few cases have been reported yet, if you type it online everyone states they are allergic to alcohol lol even on yahoo answers so people if you have a TRUE confirmed by a doctor alcohol ...

 My daughter has poink eye?
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 Home remedy to clear out sinus?
so my left nostril is all plugged up the kind of leaks does any one know how i can clear it out without buying some fancy stuff from the store, more like a home remedy ??? please help this is ...

scary shari
To those allergic to WALNUTS, are you also allergic to PECANS?
Walnuts and pecans are rather closely related trees, and are in the same family, Juglandaceae, tho not the same genus.

I'm mildly allergic to raw walnuts. If I eat them, my mouth and tongue become sore and/or irritated. (Cooked or toasted walnuts do not have this effect).

However, if I eat raw pecans, nothing happens.

When I told this to a horticulturist, he was surprised. Based on how related the trees are, he thought I would likely have an allergic cross-reaction to pecans, since I'm allergic to walnuts. But NOPE! :)

Hence, my question to you all. For those who are allergic to walnuts, are you allergic to pecans too? Or how about vice-versa?

I have the same allergic reaction like you do to almonds, apples Scotch Tapes but not walnuts or peanuts or other nuts
I still eat the nuts all the time. I am not scare for my mild reaction. I believe if I keep eating them and I will be healed.

David T
Most people will be allergic to any member of the nut family. Wallnuts, Peanuts, Cashews, Pistacios etc.

I heard of a girl who was allergic to peanuts dying just because she kissed her boyfriend, who had eaten a peanut butter sandwich. It is that serious.

♥ Dani
I'm pretty severely allergic to both.

When I eat any type of nut or seed I get sick. I don't know if it's allergic reaction or if it's just because I don't like them.

I am allergic to walnuts but not to pecans as well.

I'm allergic to every kind of nut. Pecans and walnuts were the first I saw reactions to!

YOu might be building it up. I read that the more you eat something your allergic to, the more likely you are to have a reaction that is severe. I went 20 years with no reactions to nuts, then all of a sudden, I was in the E.R. with breathing trouble! Good Luck to you!

EDIT: I just read the sandwhich story. I believe it. My B.F. ate in our college's caf., and when he came over and gave me a kiss, I started to have a reaction to him! lol

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