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 Why are so many people allergic to peanuts now as opposed to years past?

 If you use Benedral will it take away the itchy sensation in a person's eye?
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SInce i was about 16, i have tended to have sore, itichy reddened eyes during some summers (not all summers).

I used to assume it was hayfever, but i dont suffer from the usualy nasal ...

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If I keep the cat wouldn't I ...

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 If someone is allergic to bee stings can they still eat honey and use other bee products?
Such as honey comb or bees wax candles....

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 I have post nasal drip.I take allergie shots and medication.I cough all the time.Does anyone have any help to?

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I've been taking it for a while and it hasn't made me tired in the past but I think it might be making me tired now. What does everyone think....

This bee sting still hurts like hell after 5 hours.
i got sting on the tip of my big toe on the left foot. i wrote another ? earlier. so is this normal?

Taylor D
I got stung on my breast a few weeks ago and it still hurts. The stinger was out too!

Trust me, you'll be sore for a while, but I wouldn't get too worried :]

George L
maybe the stinger is still inside your toe try taking it out if not well then it should stop hurting soon

John S, BaC
Take bennadryl an antihistamine.

It hurts a long time. The antihistamine will make you feel better.

I was stung yesterday about 1 PM, and it hurt until i went to bed around 9 pm. Its okay today--just a little sore,

Cynthia C

it is normal for people to have more pain for the sting if you are more aggitated. My advice to put ice on the spot you were stung also use some anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect the sting sport.

It depends. You might want to take some Benedryl. Part of the problem is that the circulation in the toes isn't as "good" as it is in other parts of the body so it'll take longer for your body to process/get rid of the venom from the bee. Icing and elevating the foot would help alot too. (remember - when you elevate - the foot needs to be HIGHER than your heart so you'll probably have to be flat on your back for awhile!)

Make a baking soda paste and put it on the bite. It takes the sting out. ( Mix baking soda and a little water together and stir it around.)

It's a type of venom, it's gunna hurt

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