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 .....Does anyone know anything about this?
I have had allergies all my life(Asthma and hayfever).

Two yrs ago i saw an Allergy Tester and she said i am allergic to wheat,tomatoes,soya and other things... i started cutting these ...

 Every time i give my son dairy like milk or now even yogos he throws up. can he just "become" allergic to milk

Additional Details
i guess its just weird since he's had the same milk since he was about 5 months...
whole milk.
and he never had a problem with it until now.

 Are you allergic to nuts? Do you eat M&M's?
My son is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Can he have normal M&M's? I know there is a chance of cross contamination, I understandd that since peanut M&M's are made in teh same ...

 Is it possible to develop an allergy?
I have always had problems with digestion. When i eat just about any foods, it takes forever to digest and if i lay down it gives me heartburn and/or begins to come back up. Sometimes hours later ...

 Uneven eyes?
uneven eyes?
please help

My eyes used to be what I would call "normal" before I screwed up my vision by

using the computer too much
not turning on the lights ...

 Does anyone know of some GOOD sinus medicine?
My eyes are watering and I have lost my taste buds because I can't smell. HELP!! My throat is sore because of the post-nasal drip. HELP!!...

 Is fever a sign of an allergic reaction to penicillin?

 What happens when you smoke mushrooms?
A few friends and I were telling old war stories and someone says that if you smoke mushrooms, mushrooms will start to grow in your lungs. I don't believe it myself. Who knows?...

 Can you be allergic to a razor?
I shaved my legs with a new razor this morning and i didn't use shaving cream or anything. About 10 minutes later i had hives!!!
I get hives all thi time, i have very sensetive skin, but i ...

 Stop a runny nose!!!??
Hi i am always getting colds like every month!! i am getting really sick of my nose running!! i no its sounds silly but i sumtimes wish i neva had a nose lol! what can i do to stop it running 24/7 !? ...

 Can allergies be cured?

 What are you allergic to?

 A good non prescription eye drop for red, itchy, watery, eyes.?
My eyes water constantly day and night and I can't seem to find anything to stop it....

 Are some people really allergic to meat???
By meat I mean cooked. Like you would eat. Not rotten or spoiled or anything like that.
Is this a real allergy that people have??...

 Whats the best drug for allergic?

 Allergy to prescribed drugs?
Allergic to medications for severe hypertension and hyposensitive to pain killers for spinal spondilitis and stenosis. What other options are available?...

 I'm lactose intolerant. Should I drink milk?

Additional Details
sorry, there've been lots of stupid questions recently. This was a parody......

 Fellers? Would you go out with a garlic eater?
I took a bird out last night, She was probaly the best looker for 50 miles but did she pen and ink? Everytime she spoke to me I had to turn my head, her breath was diabolical. I could'nt even ...

 What's the best thing to do if you think you're child has allergies?
We think our 7 yr old daughter has allergies. We don't want to just keep giving her otc meds if it's serious. On the same hand if it's not serious we feel kind of silly taking her to ...

 Does anyone know anything that would help lessen sinus infections. please help tired of being sick?
The weather changes triggers my sinuses, I spend so much time during the year going to the doctor to get medication that I feel like I live there. I end up having flu like symptoms and shut down. I...

My son seems to have an allergy to red gatorade and hawaiin punch. Any suggestions?
I thought it must be the red dye but several other drinks/foods contain it and my son has no problems. After comparing ingredients, ester gum and glycerol gum appear in both. Have you ever heard of an allergy to either? What actually makes the "punchy" taste in these drinks?

it might be a good idea not to give anything but water & juice to your child. The artificial colors have been shown to have horrible side effects on kids.

Jessie K
You think Hawaiian Punch is some essential drink for kids? You ever hear of milk?

Sarah C
he is probably allergic to red dye

mindi s
he could be allergic to lose two gums or an ingredient in the dye. theres more than one recipe to make food dye. remember how a few years ago they brought back blue m&ms because they made a new recipe for it because the other one they were using was proven to have something in it that upset ppl? same concept with the red dye. Just because one thing that has red dye doesn't upset him doesn't mean hes not allergic to them all because different co use different recipes for their dyes. But get him tested like they say u never know untill u try. U wont really know what the culprit is untill u get him tested.

go to the doctor and have him tested. thats the only way to find out

MICHAEL and wendy
Take him for an allergy test.

red dye. a common allergy

what a well informed panel we have here. they're all quite accurate. ween 'em all off of any corn syrup product, all sugars and anything with that red dye in it. there is a childrens sport drink/hydration formula that is so good, i drink it too. it's called innergize. comes in lemon, orange and punch. the punch has extra Calcium for kids. go to the site below and let me know what you think.

Nixon's HoundDog
With the "drinks" your feeding your son, theres alway's partially hydrogenated corn syrup, citric and Folic Acid makes gives the drinks its "tang", and there countless other specialty dyes used by the same companies

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