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 Best Mattress?
I'm allergic to cats and dust mites...and everything else. I will waked up in the middle of the night with asthma attacks and my eyes are so swollen I can't see. We got our mattress used ...

 I have allergies and im on presctpion meds but their not working wat can i do about this?

 Is it an allergic reaction from mosquitoe bites that the bites turn in to big swollen welts?
My family and i went to Pennsylvania about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and we all got bug bites, but my mom got affected the worst. Mine and my dad's went away after a few days, but my mom's got ...

 I want to ask about flu and influenza?
in flu , when the nose in running, from where so much water comes which runs continously from the nose whole day....

 What can I do? My doctor said that my son is allergic to dust.?
My son is 11 months old and when he sleeps, he sleeps with his mouth open and drools alot. It is like a big puddle. Well every night it seems that he coughs alot and has a stuffy nose. I run his ...

 I was picking blackberries now I have hives....
I was picking blackberries last night with (stupidly) short sleeves and shorts. The thorns on the branches were brushing up against me, and soon I had what appered to be hives all over my arms and ...

 What boosts immune system? i have allergies?
I feel like I'm getting sick; sore throat, sneezing but stuffy nose.

What can I take to prevent from getting sick? I don't like to take medicine so I was wondering what fruits, ...

 I ate shrimp fried rice from the chinese rest.and my throat swole up i went to the ER the gave me a shot i?
got better this was my 1st time eating shrimp can i have shrimp from some where ...

 Eczima problem.any cure?

 Bad allergy attack, what can i take, im breastfeeding.?
Its ragweed season here in Kentucky and my allergies are kicking my tail! I cant take my usual prescription antihistamine because its not compatable with breastfeeding. Im seeing my doctor next ...

 I would like to know what the best way to relieve an itchy watery eye beside compresses and allergy meds is?
I have itchy watery swollen eyes that I recieved shortly after eating Ball Park beef franks last night. Other than hot and cold compresses and an allergy medicine, I don't know what else to do....

 I'm allergic to codeine. How do I get Flu relief?

 What and why do you get those white floating specks in your eyes sometimes?

 Has anyone heard of Melaleuca? What is your opinion?

 Is it possible to be allergic to another person?
i.e. when you touch them, your skin reacts to a protein that their skin makes or their dead skin itself and you have an allergic ...

 Will I get sick from eating a small amount of mold?
I accidentally ate a small amount of mold off an apple; about the area of a pencil's eraser. I've read on here that I shouldn't get sick unless I am allergic to the mold and that the ...

 How do I keep my legs mostirized after I shave if I am allergic to every cream?
i need help here!...

 How can you stop deep nose bleeds?
as well as coming from my nose, i also cough up clots of blood, even my doctor can,t help ...

 Nose bleed,?
i bleed through my nose evry so often i dnt think there is anything wrong with me but what could be the cause and how do i prevent it, is this major or is it just me panicking
Additional D...

 What would likely cause an allergic reaction to an empty house?
My husband and I have a contract on a foreclosed house. This past week the bank has done a lot of work on it (painting, cleaning carpets, general cleaning, etc). The house was built in 2002, has no ...

what's up
My dad told me to get a chihuahua for my daughter that might have asthma?
He says that it cures asthma but it will turn the chihuahua real sad and the dog will die if you don't give him enough attention
If they can cure asthma if so why and how?

Ridiculous. The dog cannot cure asthma. There is NO cure for asthma, only treatment. You don't know much, do you? Dogs don't die from lack of attention. They die from lack of food, water and shelter.

From what I learned in med school, this can't be true. However, as was pointed out, asthma has no cure. Treatment to relieve the symptoms and attacks is all we can do so I don't see any harm in giving this a try. Having asthma does make you more prone to hypersensitivity reactions though so make sure your child isn't allergic to dogs. Good luck.

I grew up hearing the same thing and as far as I know it is true but I never heard that the dog gets sad only that he will develope the asthma, and that it is not as hard on the dog. What I was told is that the dog needs to be a constant companion to the child, including sleeping with them. I knew a family that did this but I can't remember the out come. In my opinion it's worth a try.

since I was born we have had chihuahuas in the house and I was born with asthma. I still have asthma. If anything, being around dogs constantly got me used to the hair and so I was more tolerant of dog hair. chihuahuas are lap dogs and though they do not need a lot of execise, they need a lot of love and attention. they are great "yappers" as people say, but they are so loving and protective of their owners and are good alert/security dogs

Conventional medical wisdom has always assumed that the presence of pets puts children at a higher risk of developing allergies.

BUT, more and more evidence is proving that the opposite is true. Children raised in a house with dogs during the first year of life may be less likely to develop allergic diseases as compared with children raised without pets, according to a study in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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