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 Has anyone had an anaphylactic reaction caused by a rabbit?

Additional Details
I am allergic to pretty much all animal dander, but from the two reactions I had, one from the rabbit and one from a gerbil, the rabbit reaction caused my throat to ...

 Within 3hrs at my fiancees house I get headaches and watery eyes.?
He has a beagle which at first I thought I could be allergic too but I have a dog myself. My dog is a mix. What other things could be causing this and is it possible to be allergic to just certain ...

 What can I take for my allergies symptoms are pressure on my head, nasal congestion and cough?

 Cures/Treatments for Celiac Disease?
Does anyone know of any treaments and/or cures for the wheat allergy know as Celiac disease other than maintaining a gluten-free diet? I am most interested if anyone knows if doctors are pursuing ...

 Why am I nauseous?
For some reason I get nauseous once in a while, and I have no idea why. When I get nauseous I also burp a lot, get moody and have very little energy. It comes and goes. Doctors tell me I am fine, but ...

 Is this normal?
I am allergic to wasps, bees, hornets, fire ants, ect. I never knew this until about less than a week ago. I got stung by a wasp, or hornet, I don't know which, and I went to the hopital with ...

 Itchy, red, watery eyes?
I have bad spring/ summer allergies. I cant help but rub my eyes when they get itchy and then they begin to hurt. What can i do to stop the itching besides eye drops and wet paper towels?...

 What is the best over the counter allergy medicine for coughing?
I have allergies like everyone else. I use Claritin to take care of the runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and sneezing. But what about the coughing? I cough like crazy. I do the Albuterol and cough ...

 What are symptoms of MSG allergy?

 I have black itchy patch and surrounding it are itchy dots in my inner thigh. what is it and what should i do?
They're black pathces on the skin in my inner thigh and it have raised dots. It's really itchy. help!...

 What am I reacting to when I consume certain alcoholic beverages?
Can anyone explain why it is that I get a red blochy rash when I drink? It isn't limited to a certain drink, it happens when I drink wine, beer and liquor. Am I allergic to something and what is ...

 How to cure sinusitis, whats the best medicine?

 I've been experiencing some problems of mold in my house. How do I get rid of it?

 Just got a shot and now I'm sick?
I think I might have had a alergic reaction too my shots, But I have no idea. But I have a headacke and my nose is all stuffed up. Also my arms hurt in the places where I got the shots....

 Does using a C-pap machine causes allergies?
Since I have been using mine, I have symptoms of allergies...Sneezing, eyes watering, eyes swollen, ...

 Weird Allergy?
Is it possible to be allergic to ur-self?...

 How would I know whether or not I have a lactose intolerance?

 Whenever I cry, my tears burn my skin and I get rashes on my face. What do I do about it?
Its always been there....

 Is the medication for hypo and hyper thyroidism is same ????
i heard this many times from my friends that for both the conditions the tablets given are same. is it true? If its true thn plz explain me how.
thnx in ...

 Could I be allergic to alcohol, especially vodka?
One night I went to a club and drank a glass of vodka (mixed with soft drink), the next morning I woke up and there were these red spots on my thighs and on my hands. It's so damn itchy. The ...

♥ ߣttΫ♥
My Dog just ate Roach Poison will he be ok??
what should i do......=(

Tkae him to the vets NOW or he WILL die.

Horse Lover #1 ♥
take him to a vet NOW especially a smaller dog

Hospital NOW!!!

Thats Not Good. See what he is doing. Is he acting okay? He could get very sick. I have 7 dogs. We try and keep them away from it. My friends dog ate it, and she took him to the vet. So Id say watch him, if he acts strange consult ur vet.

take him to a vet!

call your vet my Great Dane ate mouse poison....they told me mix milk and (peroxide) and back-up cause she would throw up ....we did it but really call the vet for the recipe

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