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Itchy throat, itchy ear INSIDE! Is it allergies or not?
I think I have seasonal allergies or not? This just started like 2 days ago. why is my throat itching so much? My mom tried to teach me how to "scratch my throat" by making this weird sound. I did it, but it still itches. Also the inside of my right ear itches soooo bad, deep in the canal. I cannot get to it. I want to stick something in there and just scratch like mad -- but I might bust ear drum, right? Why is this happening!
Additional Details
** What can I do. I don't have insurance, can't go to the doc.

yeah- that's allergies. take some Benadryl, but be warned... it makes you VERY sleepy. but it does help.

little s
use cortaid!! it helps soooo much. It comes ina blue tube and itrelieves the itch. My dad had the same problem.

Yellow fruit of the loom guy?
Instead of a seasonal allergy, you might be reacting to something else in your environment: soap, detergent, perfumes, cosmetics, new clothes that haven't been washed. You are definitely having an allergic reaction.

I found the best thing to take is Benadryl because it is supposed to be safe to take with other medications. I took it for years for my constantly runny nose.

Even the non-drowsy formula puts my husband to sleep but it doesn't bother me at all. I take Zyrtec (just switched from Claritin to see if it will be better) daily and Benadryl when I am having a bigger problem. Take it in the evening when you will be staying at home in case you have a reaction.

I've had the itchy ear, too, but it never lasted long enough to see a doctor. Please don't poke out your ear drum. Just put your little finger at the opening and wiggle it around. It may help.

In case you are starting a cold, you could try one of the Zinc lozenges - I use Cold-Eeze. Even if they don't stop a cold, they will ease your throat. They may make your food taste odd, but so can toothpaste. I also use Zycam nasal swabs whenever I feel a cold coming on. Drinking hot tea with honey makes me feel better.

I take an Ester-C vitamin pill daily and haven't had a cold in several years.

I'm hoping that by the time you read this, you will be over whatever you have. If you do end up seeing a doctor and he gives you a prescription, please, please, please take it exactly as prescribed and don't stop once you feel better unless the doctor says you can.

Sounds like allergies to me. What might be of interest for you to know is that your throat and ear are connected by a long tube of tissue called the Eustacian Tube, which is what "pops" when you yawn at high altitude and what actually gets infected when you get an ear infection.

Benadryl or other allergy meds should help.

Gina M
For your itchy throat gargle with some warm salt water. It will soothe it and break apart the runny stuff.

Also, honey is great for coating your throat. Try it in tea.

For your sinuses (Ear is part of the sinus) try squirting saline solution in each nostril 3 times a day. Alternatively, use a neti pot. It looks like a small teapot and you put warm salt water in it, and use it to rinse out your sinuses. It WILL help!

For your ears, you can drop in a little bit of warm olive oil and then tilt your head so it runs back out. It will coat your ear and soothe the itch. Use a q-tip to clean up the outside of ear after. It's a safe folk-medicine remedy that works.

Finally, get on Claritin or Zyrtec, they're both over the counter. Benadryl works, but will sedate you too much to function.

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