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 Anyone been told they have polyps in there nose or sinuses?
What did you have done and does this procedure hurt to get rid of them? i need an expert ENT. thanks....

 Allergic to "free & clear" laundry soap???
For months I've felt this itching sensation all over my body at various times throughout the day. The worst is when I try to sleep at night, because I'm trying to lay still, and all I can ...

 Im having acute allergy.what should i do?
whenever there is change of season or i get exposed to dust i start sneezing very much, and my throat and neck starts paining.i take cetrizine dihydrochloride at that time which gives temporary ...

 Year-round coughing - any ideas?
heres the story: i've had this need to cough about every couple of minutes for a few years now, and it happens year-round so the idea of seasonal allergies is out of the question. i've ...

 Allergic reaction?
I have a red rash. a few are raised but most of the bumps you can't feel. There are millions of pinhead sized bumps with red vertical lines. It started on my arms and nows its on both my legs, ...

 Anyone know why I'd suddenly develop anaphylactic reactions to several foods at 37?
In the past 6 months I've suddenly developed life-threatening allergic reactions to all shell fish and tree nuts...I'm wondering if there might be some hidden cause for the sudden ...

 I've been experiencing a undescribable lump in my throat for a while? What can I do to clear my throat?

 Why is my one nose always blocked?
Nasal sprays don't help. Is it chronic sinus?...

 HELP!!! What Is An Over The Counter Allergy Medicine That REALLY works?
Only Benadryl clears up my symptoms...itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing. But Benadryl also makes me sooo sleepy!...

 Can anybody give me advice on how to get rid of a sore throat and a cough?
I've been having this horrifying sore throat since yesterday morning and just today I caught onto a cough. I took today off from work thinking that it would just pass but it's starting to ...

 I have been taking this protein powder for about a week...?
the thing is my taste is gone and i cant taste things the way i used to i can smell fine and i used to taste stuff before i started taking this powder.. could this protein powder be the cause? please ...

 My 5 year old daughter was lactose intolrent and she use to have soymilk but now she is taking normal milk?
also she had some infections when eat sugars(chocolates,candies)in a good quantity,she use to have scratches kinds cuts sometimes on vigina but now she is having those cuts inside the excrecretion ...

 I keep getting this same cold, any suggestion on how to get rid of it as soon as possible and keep it away.?
I have a two year old in day care and I'm not sure but I think I keep getting sick from him. It doesn't seem to bother him as much but I fell horrible and I can't keep taking off work ...

 Can a small air passageway be causing frequent sinus infections?
I repeatedly get nasty-heavily congested infections/allergies where my head throbs at my every move, my eyes feel like theyve been punched in, and my nose feels like theres a clothes pin on it...help!...

 How do I stop my RUNNY NOSE!?
My nose has been running CONSTANTLY, I mean dripping. I've used a whole role of toilet paper. ( Folding toilet paper up and letting it get soaked until it fully soaked. ) I don't want to go ...

 Itchy throat, itchy ear INSIDE! Is it allergies or not?
I think I have seasonal allergies or not? This just started like 2 days ago. why is my throat itching so much? My mom tried to teach me how to "scratch my throat" by making this weird sound....

 Any eye drops i could use to make my eyes less swollen?
like some i use in the morning and at night to make my eyes less swollen cause they become swollen when i wake up from sleeping....

 I got a red spot on my chest and back after i took vodka?

 Red eyes, stuffy runny nose, sore throat?
Part of both of my eyes have become reddish; I also have a sore throat, a cough, and a stuffy nose. The red eyes have been going on for about four or five days now, the last two symptoms for two days....

 What is a way to get an allergy free room??
I have allergies really bad. To where my skin breaks out in rashes for 6 months of the year. I really am working hard on getting my room to be as allergy free as possible. If you have any suggestions,...

Is there any poison in perfume? I accidentally spray it into my eye?
and aching now, cleaning with water still cannot ease..

Its the alcohol thats making your eye hurt. Just put water on it

brunnette advise
any times of bath or body products hurt when in eyes. If already washed them out and still hurting would go to a doctor fast. And have someone else drive ( just in case) =)

There is acid in perfumes. Keep rinsing your eye with water. It may be burned. Hopefully not permanent.

go to an eye docter

I would flush eye 10-15 minutes or longer. If it still hurts, I would really suggest getting it looked into asap.

Purfumes tend to contain alcohol and that is pretty painful on the eyes.

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