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Nicole B
Is sore itchy hands a symptom of hay-fever?
My hands have swollen up and gone really red and blotchy and itchy, they have felt like they have been burnt, i ran them under cold water and it cooled down is this a sympton of hayfever?????

All the people I know who have hayfever (including myself) have never had this, it is not hayfever.

No, this is definitely not hay fever, which is an upper respiratory allergic reaction to pollens, dust, chemicals etc.

Your sore itchy hands may have resulted from touching something that your skin is allergic to. This condition may be a type of dermatitis, which can be sore, itchy and sometimes painful. Have you handled any chemicals recently? Have you used a different kind of soap for washing your hands? Have you used a hand cream? Have you touched, for example, tomato plants - they can cause this reaction? Have you been gardening and handled some weeds or the soil may have been contaminated. Think back to when the irritation started and what had you been doing just before then.

My suggestion would be to go to your doctor and get a diagnosis. He or she will probably give you a Hydrocortisone cream to use for a few days to clear it up, but if they do, please only use it very sparingly - even if you feel you need to smother your hands in it. A little works just the same as a lot and Hydrocortisone cream can thin the skin if used too often so it never regenerates to it's normal strength.

Austin W
That could be quite serious.

Go to this site:

and then make an appointment with a doctor.

No. Hayfever is an upper respiratory affliction.
It is not a skin condition. But you may have an allergy to something you have used on your hands.

kate h
It can be. Sounds like an allergic reaction to something. have you changed washing powder or any chemical cleaning agents? antihistamines may help. speak to your pharmcist, especially if you are on any other medication.

Those who suggested an allergic reaction could well be right. And the additional questions you should ask are, did you change your hand washing soap recently? New hand cream? Something new may well have set it off, so think carefully about whether you have been using something new over the last week or two and yes if you can bear it for a day or two, try taking an anti-allergen an if that does not work, see your family doc.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hayfever manifests itself in the upper respiratory tract, not your hands.

You might have an allergy, or you might not. Go to a doctor.

Think about anything that you touched recently that you may not have come into contact with for a while. Allergies change, so it doesn't have to be something brand new, but its likely that its not something you've used every day. If your symptoms are confined to your hands, its probably not food or anything airborne, but it could still be a plant. Notice when its worst. I went through a period where every time I held one of our cats I got a rash. It went away after a while, so we figured that she had rubbed up against something outside that I was allergic to.

not really a sympton of hayfever but possibly an allergic reaction to something. try taking piriton or something similar. if that doesnt work, go to the docs.

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