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Monica H
Is it possible to be allergic to movie theatre popcorn butter?
i have always noticed the the "butter" topping at a movie theatre gave me a stomache. Well today I was at the movies and put a little bit of butter onto my popcorn. While I was eating it I got a stomachache. Then we came home and I felt like I was going top throw up. I was really shaky and dizzy. I had a killer headache and was all of a sudden exausted.
What do you think went/ is going on? Please help. Thank you

I threw up first time i tried it too.
Just don't try it anymore.

its posssibe to be alegic to anything i know a person who allergic to feathers and dust so it must eb possibe to alegic to butter

Not sure if what you are describing is an allergy to the "butter topping" or an intolerance to the "butter topping. Sounds more like an intolerance but a dr would know better. I have several food allergies and while stomach cramping is a sign- you would have hives or swelling of your mouth, lips or tongue. There is Whey in the butter topping-
My suggestion is this- write down any foods that give you the same feeling- milk, ice cream, butter topping. Keep a food journal- and once you identify all the foods- do not eat them again especially the butter topping.
With an allergic reaction if it is a minor one- your reactions can grow severe with each intake of that item which could lead to anaphylaxis.

Well just to let you know they use not real butter, but it is a butter flavored oil that comes already mixed up and depending on the brand they have different oils and ingredients.

What can happen just the same as butter is it can go rancid- bad. You could of got a hold of bad popcorn.

I suggest laying off the movie popcorn. Also you don't know how long it has been in there. Some of them will keep popping on top of the old stuff and by the time you get to the bottom it could have gone bad. Good managers don't allow this to happen, but they don't always keep a close eye on it.

Also you may be allergic, but what you described sounds more like food poisoning or something bad.

Just keep drinking water to help flush it out of your body and stay light on your food. eat things like crackers and breads to help soak up the acids.

You would have been better of throwing that up to get it off your stomach.

Yes it is possible. As stated it is not normally real butter, but a blend of oils, coloring, and flavorings. Do you have other known allergies? See if it happens at other theaters & ask for the ingredients of the butter topping.

Catherine B
Of course. You can be allergic to anything, even water, believe it or not. Plus, allergies can begin at any time in your life. Movie theater popcorn butter is not even butter. It's just a bunch of chemicals, anyway. So, make sure you don't eat it again and good luck. Feel better soon.

It's probably just food poisening or your stomach doesnt like the unhealthy butter.

It is very possible to be allergic to the popcorn at the movies. It could be the oil they pop it in, or the imitation butter they put on it. In the future, carry a large purse and take you own popcorn if you really must have it at the movies.

Absolutely. It is not "butter" it is all artificial garbage.

The "butter" is very rich that they use and they usually pop their corn in coconut oil, so it could be that you are sensitive to that particular ingredient. I doubt that it's an allergic reaction, but more of a case of indigestion. You could do several things: avoid eating it, or try taking a Pepcid prior to eating it (especially if it's a rare treat and you'd like to try eating it again). Hope you feel better soon.

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