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my boyfriend and i are trying to settle an argument
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i knew it. thanks ...

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 Does anyone else feel like crap today?
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There shold be a law against daffoldils in the office for people that suffer from allergies....

Is it posible to be allergic to another person?
My girlfriend has been getting a rash in places that I've kissed her, i don't think there was anything on my breath.

Anyone got any ideas?
Additional Details
I don't have a beard, i don't have any facial hair.


Ask another guy to kiss her at the same place and see if she develops the same rash.... Actually MANY guys... one is not enough to have a conclusive answer.
Then if she does not do it with anybody else, let's say 99 guys, to have a fait percentage, then you're it.
Otherwise, she's got a problem and she should see a doctor for some weird skin allergy (or maybe it's a weirdo allergy?)

Only those who make you a little rash.

i i
she is allergic to ur berd dude

beard rash? i suppose she could be allergic, hard to say.

it could be your deodorant? somethimes that might give u a rash im not sure ask a doctor

cath g
its because you dont have a beard. I come up with a read rash if im kissed by a man who has shaved, but its later on in the day and the skin isn't as smooth as just shaved. Its like being kissed by someone with sandpaper for skin.

Lola =)
I dont think so shes probly got really sensative skin like me it cud have bin caused by many things gud luck!

if your not shaved real good that ould cause it, hay it could be anything like maybe the shampoo you use in your hair, etc. etc.

Amanda K
It could be something in your diet. I had a similar problem years ago with an ex and it was due to cheese and Onion crisps! He gave them up for me and the problem went away.

are you around pets she is allergic too? wearing a cothing item she is allergic too? Your colgne? Or maybe she is flat out nervers around you, and breaks out in a rash from nervers.

Aftershave or cologne can cause skin irritations to another person.
switch brands and see. I've known people who have had this happen.

could it be due to your saliva? Yes, it is possible.

Well i think so.When i first met my bf,i was allergic to spikey facial hairs,which i ended up with rashes.Im sure shell get use to it whatever is irritating her skin.It took me like 2-3 weeks to heal and get use to it.

It could be your aftershave or the shaving cream you use.

It is possible to be allergic to something a person is wearing such as perfume, washing product or clothes washing product.

Sounds like your stubble rash. She isnt allergic to you lol

never heard of someone being allergic to ppl maybe it some thing u were of a sope or body wash u use.

When I was on medicine, I would get a rash from holding hands with my then idiot boyfriend.

It is possible to be alleregic to another person but thats such a rare and unlikely possibility that unless your girlfriend is already suffering from a very severe auto-immuno disease (where her immune system attacks her own body) I think it can be discounted out of hand.
Maybe its more of a hygiene thing Im NOT saying that youre dirty otherwise i dont think your girlfriend would even let you kiss her but everyone carries an incredible amount of bacteria and fungi on and in our skin and whats on the back of your throat makes even microbiologists queasy. Most of these bugs are harmless to the point of us never knowing they're there and some even help us in various way eg combating disease, breaking down food etcetc. However sometimes we pick up less savoury passengers. It is entirely possible that youre carrying around a bug that you have either a resistance to or else have developed a balance with but that your girlfriend had never encountered before, so whenever she comes into contact with it she develops a reaction. There are two ways of dealing with it, either get on with it and let her immune system learn to live with the bug or (Id recommend this one but it depends on where shes developing the rash of course) you BOTH get some antifungal cream and rub it on your mouth and her rash and if that doesnt work try an Antibacterial one and you start using an Antibacterial mouthwaash. However if the rash hasnt gone within a week either on its own or with the creams get to a doctor cos it might require more than over the counter creams.
It sounds disgusting I know but my partner was covered in a really odd fungal infection that gave him red blotches all over his body but a week of steriod cream rubbings restored his godlike looks so dont worry it is manageable.
There is of course the possibiltiy thats its her detergent or something but I take it that youve already thought of that so ill leave it up to you
Good luck with it

quite often i am allergic to my husband.
and when i used to see my mother in law i used to get an overwhelming urge to punch her in the face, could that be an allergy?

Anchor Cranker
I am allergic to my ex partner, every time I go near her she makes me sick!

its possible to be allergic to something another person has on them,like aftershave or traces if face wash,lip balm etc.stubble can cause a rash,somethimes even if you are clean shaven.ummm....coldsore cream could possibly do it if you are using it.all those sort of cosmetic things.
ask her if she is sensetive to any products like that.if it is really bad one of you ask your doctor.they will help you.
its a shame,you obviously really care about her.hope you get it sorted.all the best!

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