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 How to raise a child with food allergies?
My two year old has multiple food allergies including milk, soy, wheat, eggs and peanuts.

He is very thin and it is a daily struggle to find tasty and healthy meals due to the elimnation ...

 How do i do stop a running nose? I have allergies but I have tried claratin and benedryl doesnt work! HELP?
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 Anyone suffering with hay fever today?
Its really bizzare,every time it rains im in a terrible state,the sun comes out and im fine,is this common,why when it rains is there a connection,any remodies other than the usual antihystamines?...

 Are bees out in the winter time?
I am deadly allergic to bees and i have to have a epi-pen. I know i need it in the summer and spring time but do i need it in the winter too?? Are bees even out in the winter ...

 What on earth do I cook for a celiac with lactose allergy as well?
My mate can't stomach wheat (gluten or Dairy produce, so what wonderful cullerny dish can I dish up, oh by the way she also is allergc to shellfish :0(...

 I want to own a pet, but my little sister and i have horrible allergies..... any suggestions?
i have always wanted a guinea pig, but allergies get in the way
Additional Details
we have fish...but she wants to interact with the pet......

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 Why are my eyes always itchy when I wake up?

 What is the best way to stop a bloody nose quickly?

 Can you become allergic to new things after being pregnant even if you never had any allergies before?

 After I dyed my hair, my ears and head became swollen and my neck is numb....am I ok? And my head itches bad.
I have a rash in my head and under my chest. When I scratch it , then I end up with scabs in my head and right under my breasts.
Could the Men's Hair Dye interacted with my VO5 shampoo ...

 " How many of you are allergic to Garlic?"?
At Nine years old, I found out I was allergic to garlic. Doctors I went to could not figure out why my body rejected garlic. When garlic hits my system it acts as a spong, I become dehydrated, weak, ...

 My son is suffering from dust allergy .............. some good home remedy?

 What are you alergic to?

 What does it mean when you get a bloody nose?
i got a bloody nose by just sitting there i cleaned out my nose a couple hours ago. could that be it? my room is in the garage ( no my parents dont hate me) its been cold in there latly. my sister ...

 What are some at-home remedies for allergies?
My symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, stuffed up nose, and sore, dry throat. It's killing me!!!...

 Codin is used in cough syrup Is it possible to get addict? If anyone know plz. reply Quik?

 My boyfriend has 4 cats...... I'm allergic to cats...what should i do??

 I get blurred vision and my pupils of my eyes get dilated It is like a lite headache has anyone heard of this?

 Can both eyes be affected with Pink Eye?
ok, my sis was fine this morning then came home and both her eyes were pink and swollen. Can both eyes be affected at the same time?...

If im allergic to penicillin what antibiotic can i take?

A person I support in a group home is allergic to a lot of antibiotics, including Penicillin, and she takes Levaquin. Of course I'm not a doctor, just check with your pharmacist and he/she should know.

To start with, antibiotics require a prescription, which you need to get from your doctor and should only be used when necessary. Overuse of antibiotics is what has caused all these super bugs that are antibiotic resistant and killing more people everyday.
If you have an allergy to penicillin, there is a good chance you may have allergies to more of the related antibiotics and as such, you should be monitored when you take a new one, in case of a life threatening reaction. Antibiotics are wonderful drugs and can save lives when used correctly, but they are not appropriate for all types of infections. They do not help with viral infections and can cause more harm than good when used when not needed. When an antibiotic is prescribed, it is also important to take all of the pills, even though you may feel better before they are gone. When you only take part of them, you may not have killed all of the germs, and those that are left become stronger and harder to kill the next time as they develop a resistance to the drug. Please see your doctor if you think you are in need of an antibiotic and make sure he is aware of your allergy before he prescribes a drug for you. Good luck to you and hope you feel better soon.

A medicine that starts with Amoxi ...something ? Just ask your doctor.

You should not take antibiotic talk to your doctor about this.

Betty T
Depends on what the antibiotic is for. I'm allergic too.
Check with your health provider! (a prescription is necessary).

Clive Roland
erythromycin, sulfonamides... excuse me, im a doctor and i was just wndering what you need antibiotics for ? im wondering because if youre doctor knew you need antibiotics and he/she knows your history of allergies he/she would prescribe to you the necessary antibiotics and you would not need to ask strangers in the internet...i hope you are not self-medicating...

sulfa drugs...

I'm allergic to penicillin, so I usually take (by prescription, of course) either sulfa drugs or Erythromycin derivitives, like Zithromax. I have also developed allergies over the years to Erythromycin, itself, Biaxin, and now, Zithromax.
So, lately, when I've needed an antibiotic, I've either had Tetracyclene, Clindomycin, OR ... I can't remember the name of it, but I had it most recently when I was sick....
Hope that helps some....

For people who are penicillin-sensitive, antibiotics such as Tetracycline, Doxycycline, Minocycline, Erythromycin and Ceftriaxone could be prescribed, however these antibiotics may not be as effective.

Shaine (:
Well not penicillian,
thats fuurrrrsureee .

Try asprin, does everything i have ever needed .

Your doctor will tell you There are some available .

you should be asking your doctor.
not every one is the same .. not every ones body is
the same.

You can take most anitbiotics that are not derived from penicillin. You might have a cross reaction if you take Keflex.

Ahh! u have a broad choice..so dont worry....paniccilin(beta-lactum group) is old now. In market , medical gone so far srom penici, like Cefuroxime Cefpodoxime....etc....so u can freely use any of anti biotics rather then bata lactum group (penicillin amoxycilline etc etc)

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