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 I'm scared I am having an allergic reaction to FĂ©ria Hair Dye
I have dyed my hair with two different brands about 3 years ago, both permanent, like this one, but had no reactions at all.
On holidays in Spain this year I got a black henna tattoo on my ankle....

 Can codeine make a child hyperactive?
A friend of mine recently took his child in for a simple procedure, removing a splinter from her foot. She was developing cellulitis. When they did the procedure they gave her codeine and it made ...

 I woke up in the middle of the night and realized i couldnt breath my throat was almost totally closed up?
i couldnt get any water down finally i went to the front door and stuck my head out in the wind and it helped push the air down i thought i was going to die.any ideas as to what happened and should i ...

 Should i pick my nose?

 Would throwing up blood everytime i eat anything with chocolate mean i have an allergy to chocolate?

 My tongue is coated blackish. What does this idicate?
The tongue takes different coloured coatings which reflects the health conditions. When I am perfect, tongue is reddish. Now a blackish coating has come during the past few days. What can be the ...

 I think that i have mold in my house.?
When we sleep in our bedroom, we wake up feeling awful. This morning my daughter has been throwing up & sleeping way past normal. She is not sick, but slept in my bed with me last night. Doc'...

 What is the best over the counter medicine to take for seasonal allergies?
Not Claritin though. It doesn't help me any!
My eyes are killing me. They are so itchy and blurry! And I am sneezing a lot and my nose is runny!
Additional Details
I dont have ...

 How can you stay in the sun and not get sunpoison on your lips?

 Our dog came in one night and his nose was swollen thenl ater his whole face was swollen?
we don't have any idea what it is!!!...

 How do i do this?
How do i un clog my nose? its aggravating,i cant taste any thing cause my nose.
i've tryed garggling withsalt water does that work?any thing else?...

 What's going on?
The right side of my face (eye and nose mostly) is having allergy like symptoms...itchy watery eyes, running nose, sneezing. I live in the city, and the grass people came on Monday and mowed..I was ...

 What is a pempel on your eye lid is swollen up and how can you cure it?

 Does gravy contain gluten?

 Any remedies for a chest congestion?
My chest is congested and I feel like crap. I tried some of the medicene for mucus, Mucamil, but it didn't work very effectively. Any remedies? I FEEL LIKE CRAP!!!...

 How to stop dry mouth?
I get a really dry mouth / tongue when waking up and one side of my nose is always stuffed as the day goes on my nose clears up and my mouth isnt dry. What can i do to help breathing through my nose? ...

in my body i have red spots all over... this started since saturday... but it went away and now again its coming back but there are only 5 i can see. it might spread again. i went to the doctor and ...

 What should i do if i have an allergic reaction to topical benzoyl peroxide?
symptons are redness and a rash on my ...

 Do you know any treatment for running nose and cold?

 I ate some tuna (cooked) and now my skin is very red and blotchy. what should i do?
this has never happened before... i have eaten sushi and all kinds of cooked fish before and never had a problem. never even had an allergic reaction to anything before.

my face and chest ...

I want a kitten but my boyfriend is allergic. Is there anything he can take to stop the allergy?
My boyfriend is fine with dogs but when it comes to cats, he is very allergic. I've always wanted a kitten, but of course I'm concerned about his health since he has asthma too. Are there any really good allergy meds out there?
Additional Details
Hmmmm, first of all, I HAVE discussed this with him. Second of all, I am NOT living with him. And third, of course I care about my partner, and if I didn't have any doubts, I wouldn't be asking this question now would I? Jump to conclusions somewhere else.

Decide which you want more - the boyfriend or the cat. Sure he may be able to take allergy meds but why should he?

If you really care about your partner, you won't subject him to a decade of allergy Medication. That's not cool. Eventually he will get sick of having to take so much medication that you will have to get rid of the cat, which is unfair on the animal.

Just don't get a cat. It isn't fair on anyone. Some allergy medications are expensive and have nasty side effects.

Have you discussed this with him? Perhaps he doesn't want you to get a cat. Shouldn't he have some input as well? After all, if he is living with you, he should have some control over the environment of the home.

don't get a cat. decide if his health is more important than your needs.

Apparently you are too concerned about his health. Even the cat dander on your clothes will be enough to trigger an attack. Get a little dog, or get a new boyfriend.

special k :)
there are cats that dont have much hair on them like the Cornish Rex varitey (may be a good alternative for you). to me they look kinda odd without all the fur you'd normally get but am sure the personalitys would be a winner, guess it depends on a whole lot of stuff in your situation but cats are great pets to have and you dont have to walk them like you have to walk a dog and they dont have that doggy smell and are a pure joy to have around when your on your own. you could get a cat and if you find your partner is too allergic to it the cat would then have to be "free to a good home"
good luck :)

depends how allergic he is. most people with asthma arent affected by cats.. its a lame excuse. and it doesnt matter how furry the cat is either-it has to do with certain chemicals on the cats tongue that are released into the air. i have a friend who is RELLE allergic to cats and cant even be around them or in my house because of my cat. his throat almost swells shut when he stays too long (thats bad- dont get a cat if he is like this!!!). if your bf is one of those ppl that use that crap excuse that their eyes get watery and their nose runs, when the touch it and touch their face that is no reason to not get a cat. that happens all the time. you just dont touch the cat and rub your eyes relle hard (as i have done before), its just the hair irritating you. i know a couple ppl who put off getting a family cat because of that reason and its just an excuse for people that dont like cats.

If he is not severly allergic, you can see if he can take benedryl, or Rx meds ( like singular, Nasonex or asmanex). Get an airfilter and put it in each room to filter out the danger and other crap. If the cat causes him to have an asthma attack or anaphlaxis, you are out of luck.
See if there is a short hair breed cat that poses the least threat to allergies. A cat breeder would know. I hope this helps.

When I met my husband I already had a cat, the love of my life and getting rid of her was out of the question. After a while he became less allergic because his body built up antigens to the allergy. About 2 years ago he decided he wanted to get rid of the allergy altogether so he started getting shots for it (and many other allergies he has) and at this point he is so much better, the cat is allowed to sleep in bed with us!

Don't listen to these other people who want to shame you for wanting the happiness of a pet in your life, if your boyfriend loves you he will do what it takes to ensure your happiness, I assure you that your house is not the only place he will have to deal with a cat at in his life, getting the allergy properly addressed by a doctor is the best possible way to handle the unfortunate allergy.

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