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 Anyone please help my 12 year old cousin?
my cousin is 12 yrs old and is a female for last two or one months she has been coughing all day and nite so first i toke her to the doctor he said it was whoff-ing cough so he gave me some medicins ...

 How to get rid of allergies w/o shots?
allergies to cats and farrets
Additional Details
I have really bad allergies and so doese my sister and we need a different way to cure it and the shots don't seem to help and if ...

 Can hamsters turn more worse your asthma?
Because my 10 yrs. son has asthma and he wants to have a hamster for a ...

 If I boil regular milk, can I get rid of the lactose and make it lactose free???
please reply because I have no money and the only milk I have was a gift and its regular milk. thanks.
ps. please include a link or a web site to showme how to make lactose free milk from ...

 Grow out of allergies?
When I was younger, from about age 7 until AT LEAST age 15, I had pretty bad allergies and was on all kinds of medicines and inhalers and stuff, but about six months ago I got a blood screen and all ...

 The Allergist does not know what my 5yr old is allergic to!?
My daughter is allergic to something but the Dr's cant tell me what it is. She has allergic reactions ranging from mild to severe, one landed her in the ER twice in one day with a swollen face ...

 I cant stop coiffing can any 1 help. (i don't smoke so its not that)?

 Are there any breakfast cereals which are gluten free and suitable for a coeliac?
Looks like our 11 yr old son is a coeliac, he lives on cereals! argh! (not totally, I do feed him a good diet too!) are there any he can have?
Like when he gets in from school and just before ...

 My eyes have suddenly went all puffy and I have a red rash on my face and neck?
Is this some sort of allergy....????
Additional Details
Did'nt eat anything unusual at all......

 Has anyone had any allergy symptoms that affect their throat and chest?
I feel tight in my chest and throat but the doctor swears that its allergies, anyone else have these symptoms?...

 I seem to be allergic to earrings, what can i do?
my ear piercings get somewhat infected by every earring i put into them. also, ive gotten earring backs stuck in my ear on several occasions. why does this happen???...

 Do I have PINK EYE???!?
Tuesday when I got out of the shower, I felt like there was something in my eye. It dosen't itch, it's just irratated and burns a little. It's not watery, and there is no gunk in my ...

 I suspect mold in my home: i am a renter, my kids have astthma and are also suffering form cold like systoms?

 Has anyone ever been to an allergist?
i am going to an allergist for the first time tomorrow and i would like to know what to expect. they said something about a scratch test? and does anyonw know of a non-anithistimine med that i can ...

 Why does my wife keeps on coughing (fits) non-stop?
She has an itchy & very sensitive throat and cannot control it. What can be done? She use to be on inhalers and does take gaviscon....

 I am allergic to a tattoo would the reaction hapen allover the new tatto or could it be in one spot?
i got a cross that it 5 1/2 inches by 4 inches and just some of the tatto has small white bubbles and red under neath it does itch but that might be the hair on my arm growing back i dont know it ...

 Anti-histamine daily - is this bad long term?
i have a kitten and dont want to give it up... however it appears i have an allergy. if i take anti-histamine for this will i become more dependant on the tabs? will i have to take them forever? is ...

 Why do people get runny noses? Whats the bodies purpose for a runny nose?
allergies, colds, flu's. runny nose....

 Does anyone else prefer to use hankies rather than tissues?
I prefer using hankies but realise it's unusual for a young(ish) guy. If my hayfever's bad I usually put 2 in my pocket before leaving the house, I alwasy find my nose doesn't get sore ...

 I have an allergy to dairy what could i have for breakfast?

I think im allergic to my cat - HELP.?
I was just patting my new cat and started feeling a little ichy on my hands/arms and chest. After I put her down I washed my hands and realised I have patches on my arms and chest that are red with lumps. (And my nose running as well.) I have a feeling I am allergic to our beautiful cat.
Does anyone know if there is some thing I can take to help so as I can keep cuddling my new cat???
I REALLY do not want to get rid of her!
Additional Details
Also, it is very itchy still!!
Im trying not to scratch though...

get rid of the cat, try a dog

Buy another cat...

By the time you scratch half of your skin off, you'll get rid of the cat. Survival of the fittest! The cat's winning so far...
You could get allergy shots, but it'll be cheaper to get a pet you're not allergic to.

open mind
look my dear, their is a vaccination to solve ur problem just make this vacination and see a docteur,

cause ur cat need u also

best answer no ???

Well, you can take some kind of OTC allergy Medication. I am allergic to the dog we currently have, but I take the Equate brand "Chlortabs" from Wal*Mart, they work great for pretty much all allergies and they're pretty cheap.

Boy that's hard! I would feel awful if I were allergic to our loving kitties too!

There are treatments you can get from the doctor to lessen the reaction to the cat dander. Or you could try Benedryl. And try to keep your kitty very clean, and feed her a high-quality food: That will help her shed less and make less dander.

Good luck!

Take some Benadryl for starters. You sound like you've never been exposed to cats before, just give it a couple of weeks if your reaction isn't too severe (right now it just sounds like contact hives and sniffles). Your body will get used to it. It also may not be the cat at all, and possibly flea medicine she was treated with before you brought her home. I grew up around cats and never had a problem until I moved out of the house. Once I went to visit my dad and picked up my kitty and I broke out in hives and couldn't stop coughing. You get used to the allergens that you're around after awhile. After I moved into a place that allowed cats, it took me about 2 weeks to settle down after getting kitty.

The Only
Cat allergies are tough when you have a pet you adore. My sister is allergic to cats, but that has never stopped her from keeping them as pets. If it is really bad, you can take an OTC antihistamine, maybe Claritin (i'm not sure if this will work) that is non drowsy so that your allergies don't go crazy whenever you pet your kitty. I am a cat lover, and I think I would do anything to keep my cats around, so I sympathize. Good luck!

same here. I don't have to even touch the cat...I will start to sneeze...then I get hives, and then I cannot breathe. Unless you intend to go to allergist and have them give you a continuous shot for this...kitty has to go. Besides...this is serious..I have even been hospitalized from having my kitty...and I keep a VERY clean house...so imagine when the cat dander builds???? Is the cat worth the headache? Find kitty a new loving home, and get something that won't affect your allergies. Sorry.....but good luck

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