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I think I might be allergic to something, but don't know what!!?
hey - as the title says, I think I might be allergic to something. since I was like ten-ish, I have had red cheeks which I have never been able to explain. I've only just started considering that I'm allergic to something I'm eating which is resulting in this. Of course, it could quite possibly be something else, but I thought that i'd rule out other options first.

the problem is, how do you work out WHAT you're allergic to? is there a test that you can take which works it out magically? or do you have to lay off foods for a while to see the effects (I'm guessing not, since we eat a whole variety of foods and this would probably take ages). I think that this allergy (if it is one) is caused by stuff i'm ingesting, not stuff touching the skin


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I have an interesting answer for this. For about two years, I've been having these "itch episodes" and I've been to the neurologist as well as having Cat Scans etc. I've had elctromyography to see if my nerves are "twitching" in some way, doctors said "there is a cause for concern in one part of my brain but will need further attention in a short time." They were stumped at first and considering the Neuro and my doc have some pull, I got into the tests pretty fast. Kind of in limbo now, we've just had a long winter where I live and I experienced varying bouts of itching all over my body for about 6 months. House is quite humid so it wasn't solely related to winter weather etc.

dry Skin because of weather is one thing but here's one cause of my symptoms for sure. When overly tired, I itch, get all "creepy" feeling like I got bugs crawling on me etc. Also gets worse if adrenaline goes up-even if say, getting worked up doing something on home PC etc. Calmness lowers it but doesn't eliminate it. Doctors asked if I get really itchy when getting out of shower-hot or cold? Yes, nerve endings on skin surface must not like it but I'm not about to stop showering LOL. In many ways they know what this is to a certain extent but still always say "some concern."

Recently I had a cold, I took Life Brand (Shopper's Drug Mart Canada Type) Cold Relief, Day and Night types. Funny thing happened while I had chest congestion and fever etc., NO ITCHING even without sleep or less of it per day-sometimes 5 hours or less. What's in these cold Tablets? Pseudoephedrine which of course is one of the things the druggies like to make Meth from.

I'm no druggy and I don't pop pills nor do I appreciate when doctors try to pump patients full of whatever but trust me, the Eph in this stuff, took away the itch.

I don't have allergies, can eat all foods without reactions and yes, sometimes in life as we get older, we CAN become allergic to things, this is not allergy related, something missing in my brain, in my late 40's and brain's wearing out. Can no longer function with less than 7 hours per day of sleep, brain's wearing out as expected, albeit slowly. When I get out of bed after 7 or so hours and even if I had say, 12, my head at back, itches and it's almost like "circulation" ain't working. If so and go back to lay down, goes away.

Not suggesting that people start popping cold pills etc., I wouldn't get hooked on Ephedrine but for some reason this has some kind of blocker in it-reminds of when I had ulcer/hernias back in the 90's and had to take H-2 Blockers like Ranitidine and Prescription Zantac types etc. Turns out back then, not always ulcers or hernias but since doctors push pills and they make money from Pharmaceutical companies to do so, later found that had the prescribed Antibiotics instead of ulcer meds, would have eliminated BACTERIA which was cause of these "ulcers." This IS well known that many people have suffered the same as me and had doctors been more modernistic, would have addressed the real problem. Anti-histamic drugs like I took ARE H-2 Blockers and work for other things too.

Today I had an episode of "itching", I'm tired out and a little stressed but the cold is almost gone. Started itching and the bout goes for quite awhile. Took two cold tablets which each contain 30mg of PseudoEph. and itching subsided in about 30 minutes to almost nil. Wikipedia explained it quite well and although I am NOT bipolar, after reading this, I realized just what Eph does so check it out. Read about what can happen if you take Eph and ARE bipolar, very interesting what Eph can do for diff. things. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudoephedrine

I'm going to ask the pharmacy about their product and I'm goingt o alert the doctor(s) about this miracle but I really don't feel like popping these cold tabs after the cold is completely gone. Still have a little chest congestion so I'm okay for a day or two more but something tells me the Eph blocked whatever's going on up in my noodle.

This is how it works, miracles do happen, I'm going to ask the doc(s) for something similar, get on a program and maybe get a mild dose of whatever's doing the trick. I'm not one to get addicted but if I can't get enough sleep each day for whatever reason, I don't want to be going off like i'm in some kind of itch-a-thon each time.

Before I get to the doctor, I might even take something like 1/6 of a cold tablet to see if I can't keep a very minute amount of this stuff in my system to see if it helps each day. The only warning they have on these is for a max. of 8 per day and I've never taken more than 4 every 24 hours for day or night type.

Sorry for long post but this IS an interesting turn of events and when I mentioned to my wife that for the duration of this cold (8 days or so) did she NOT notice I had little to no itch? she did and we got to searching what the ingredients in this cold tab was.

Good luck to all, you can safely try these for a day or two even without a cold or flu, over the counter stuff is more generic in nature and can be used by most people, just don't over do this stuff.

Hannah Jean.
well...you can go to an allergy doctor...i've got one and when i first started with him...i got this test where they like poke you with different things...don't ask me, but the ones that got all red and itchy were the ones that i was allergic to. or, the next time this happens to you, you can just think of what you ate the night before or earlier that day....that's what i'd do if i were you.

Erin W
If your only symptom is red cheeks, I doubt you have allergies. It is more likely that you have rosacea or another skin condition.

You might have a mild allergy to some food. The best way to check is to go to the doctor and get an Allergy test. Tell your doctor what you suspect, but let him/her decide with tests to give you.

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