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 Am i allergic to vinegar?
I can eat things with vinegar, pickles, sour craut, ketchup, italian dressing etc, but when my science teacher pulls out vinegar my lungs tighten up, or i start to caugh. i dont know if i am or not. C...

 My eye been itchy all day?
sticky now too been like it all ...

 Allergy sufferers I need your help......?
I get allergies BAD in my eyes, but ONLY in my eyes........what's up with that?!?! And it is only in the corners of my eyes, like where your tear ducts are at. They itch uncontrollably at times, ...

 I have a friend who is allergic to my cats. Any suggestions that would help his visits be more comfortable?

 I have a cold & my right nostril has been blocked for like 2 days. How can I unclog it?
i already know about nose sprays& i've tried.
but are there any natural remedies ??

please help :[...

 Are there any remedies for a stopped up nose?
I've tried nasal spray, allergy medicine, cold&congestion medicine. EVERYTHING! Any home remedies?...

 Im allergic to cats...help!?
I just bought a new baby kitten but i simply just love her so much and i dnt want to get rid of her. how can i get over my runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing without getting rid of her? plz help....

 WHy does my nose feel stuffy and kinda filled with mucus, but when I blow it, it's dry?!?

 Bleh! how do i get rid of a super runny nose!!!!?
Additional Details
I have nooooo medicine at ...

 Eye crust and redness in the morning
I wake up in the morning with crust all around my eyes I try to remove it but when i do it gets bigger and eyelashes comes with them and my eye gets red both inside and out and sometimes the corner ...

 Am i going to get really sick or worse?
I accidentally ate some tin foil that stuck to the back of some marshmallow candy i made in the oven. I mean I am pretty sure i'm not going to die or anything, but how dangerous is it? Any ideas ...

 The top of my right eye is swollen?why?
I woke up this morning and the top of my right eye is swollen and i have no idea what caused it or what it is? any ideas?...

 Allergy to M.A.C.'s eye shadow or the new cat?
I hope not...
I bought some regular eye shadow and mineralize eye shadow and I first I noticed that my eyes would get itchy. Now my eyelids are itchy. There's no swelling or redness, but I&#...

I just had a nosebleed that lasted almost an hour. I tend to get them when the weather changes, and lately the temperature has changed a lot. Anyway, it's stopped now, but it didn't clot at ...

 How to make your nose sharper?

 Allergy question?
my girlfriend has been getting hives for the passed month now....and we're trying to eliminate the possibilities on food..how long does food stay in the body? when is it completely out? my ...

 What is the best off the shelf medecine for mucis bild up in the throat?
i have been having mucis bild up in my throat and its irratating can any one ...

 Can allergies be hereditary?
My wife and I are both allergic to shellfish. Should we be concerned that our kids would be allergic as well? I don't want to put the kids through the stress of allergy testing if it isn't ...

 Can you die taking to many allergy pills?

 How do I get rid of a cloggy nose?
Okay so I have been diagnosed with allergies for a long time now from a doctor and my nose always swells up a little on the inside making me breathe from my mouth most of the time. In the morning I ...

I have an allergy to cats but I want to get a cat.Do you thing is there any way to get a cat without allergy?
Is there any product that help my allergy to cats?

try to use gloobes when u r holding the cat...or put some anti-allergy before you get a cat..protection frm allergies..

do you really think owning a cat is worth taking medicine for every day, or feeling the way allergies make you feel. cats just arent that enjoyable.

I have an allergy to cat and dog dander. Absolutely, you can have a cat if you're prescribed the appropriate allergy Med by your doc. See your doc before you get this cat! Get a baseline of the med into your system first.

there is one product that works the best.My friend got it and she can.I am not sure what it is called but it is a shot.Also if you live with a cat for a couple of months your allergies go away.I don't know why but they do.

Well first and foremost you need to see how you react to the cat first. I have allergies to cats but still we don't have many problems with them. You can try the allegry drugs but you might want to see about other methods first before you go the drug route.

YES you can. I have severe allergys to cats and just about everything else. First start with a kitten,and bath regularly,mine(I have two)get bathed 1 a week it actually keeps the dander down.I also keep them well brushed. Go for it and good luck.

you can try some of the products like Claritin or Allegra, but you should check with a doctor first so that you know if they work for you.

usually, it's the cat's hair so if you don't mind cats without hair, you can get one of those. some people do that.

I believe that the allergy is actually to some kind of enzyme in the cat's saliva or something. You know, you can go to an allergy clinic and have them test you and then desensitize you to the allergen. You will get weekly shots until you don't react as severely. I think that is how it works.

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