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 What are some good treatments for severe eczema? Any over-counter remedies?
If you know of any good treatments or if you have any advice to help me (besides seeing a doctor) let me know....

 Can I still become a Chef despite seafood allergy?
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 Hash reaction?! HELP!!?
I had hash for one of the many times.
IT was strong stuff...i was sitting in the woods with friends surrownded by so many midgies!
Last night i was up all night itching...
they are ...

 What can you do to rid your house of cat "dander" when expecting company allergic to cats?
Anything, at all? I'm about to have a baby and I'm totally wanting my best friend to stay with me for a few days, but I have a cat (mostly outside) who I don't even really mind ...

 Can an allergy cause a sore throat and stuffy nose?
I have not cold a cold as this is a result from a cold i had weeks ago im thinkin its somethng else now. Im also tired alot.
Can anyone shed some light or has anyone else got this

 Lactose intolerant people...please !?
I am lactose intolerante,
do you think lactose intolerant people can eat Tzatziki?
the first ingredient is called
"Milk Ingredients"
but, i can eat yogurt.... :S...

 What kind of food is good for a sore throat?
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 Cat Allergy - Need answers.?
I have a question.

My friend owns 3 cats. Each time I go to his house I end up with itchy nose, throat and one of my eyes will pretty much close up and go really red. Is there anyway to ...

 How to improve the allergic condition of the body,i usually get swelling of lips/ itching in the body?
normally tablet AVIL relives....

 My head and ears hav been realy congested this past week ive taken allergy medicine but nothin seems to work.?
headcongestion feeling like my head is about to bust, ear congestion my ears feel clogged up. I think its just really bad allergies but dont know for ...

 Which nasal spray shall I use?
Its summer Allergies seaon. The time I get plugged nose, runny nose, sneezing frenzie and itchy eyes.

I have all the nasal sprays you can by at your local store.

answer me this: ...

 Pawn allergy?

 Getup morning the mouth will smell?why?and what its remedy?

 What is the solution for red watery eyes and irritation?
after my trip to new york, i started having some eye problems. my eyes constantly feel irritated and when i rub them it becomes bloodshot. they are red most of the time and sometimes watery. i tried ...

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 Why are more people developing allergies to common foods and insect stings?

 Girls only please! What is happening to me? Is it just puburty?
I am 14. I woke up this morning and I have red bumps all over my chest and close to my neck. I would think that they were like pimples or something...but there is atleast 40 of them and they are in ...

Okay, i'm curious...name the weirdest allergy that u've EVER heard of......

 What are you ALLERGIC to?
chocolate =( yes, i know.....

I have a swollen bump on my tongue?
At first I thought I bit my tongue but than I noticed I have a little swollen bump on the tip, what could this possibly be and how can I treat it?

Stop lying, LIAR! it's a lie bump from telling lies you LIAR!

Jake M
Have you by any chance been eating some really salty foods lately? I get a somewhat painful bump on my tongue if I go overboard on eating sunflower seeds, which are salty as hell. Hate to answer your question with another question but it would be helpful to know what you have been eating.

Cord Of 3 Strands
swish with salt water. i dont know what that bump could be, but salt water will heal it

Leona W
It's probably an ulcer. Does it hurt?
You need to put some cultures back
in your diet -- eat yogurt/dairy/cheese.
It takes a few days, but it'll go away.
You can get orajel nitetime or tanac
to keep it protected and help w/the

its a swollen taste bud. nothing to worry about. that can happen when you eat something sour, spicy, or hot. sometimes they burst..which is kinda weird but its happened to me plently of times.

that can actually be a result of stress or overwork or being too exhausted. u can treat it with honey but something really sour could heal it faster..

Traumatic injury is the most common cause of tongue discomfort. The tongue has many nerve endings for pain and touch and is more sensitive to pain than most other parts of the body. The tongue is frequently bitten accidentally but heals quickly. A sharp, broken filling or tooth can do considerable damage to this delicate tissue.
Sores and Bumps: Sores on the tongue can be caused by allergic reactions, oral herpes simplex virus infection, canker sores, tuberculosis, bacterial infections, or early-stage syphilis. Sores can also be caused by allergies or other immune system disorders.
Although small bumps on both sides of the tongue are usually harmless, a bump on only one side may be cancerous. Unexplained red or white areas, sores, or lumps (particularly when hard) on the tongue—especially if painless—may be signs of cancer and should be examined by a doctor or dentist (see Mouth Growths: Types of Oral Cancer). Most oral cancers grow on the sides of the tongue or on the floor of the mouth. Cancer almost never appears on the top of the tongue, except when the cancer occurs after untreated syphilis.
*****Don't worry, you may have bit your tongue in your sleep. Gargle with salt water and if it isn't gone in three days see your doctor.

could just be an irritateon to something you ate or you did.

Bored Housewife
It could be a cyst which is no big deal it will go away...or it could be a reaction to eating/drinking something too hot.

When you bit your tongue it probably got infected so it got swollen, OR you have cancer of the tongue. If you have cancer you should get a razor blade and cut off your tongue before it spreads.

April M
My husband got one of those- turns out it was an infected tastebud, and they had to put him on antibiotics. I would treat it immediately under the care of a doctor to prevent the infection from spreading, if it is an infection at all. Publix gives out free antibiotics with a prescription.

krishan s
You have no deseas you are defficient for b-Complex and your stomach is not set may be constipation eat green vegitables and fibre rich diet you will be ok dring lots of water. Mind it You are O.K Good luck

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