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 Can you be semi lactose intolerant?
I can eat most dairy products like cheeses but I cant eat yougurt. I can only eat ice cream and milk sometimes. Sometimes it will hurt me sometimes it wont. Is it possible to be semi lactose ...

 Headache, runny nose, headache -- NEED 1 DAY CURE !?
Please... anything that can cure this by tomorrow around 6 pm. i am suppose to go to the movies with my boyfriend and i can't be sick.. i took some nightcold stuff for all the things i have.. is ...

 Red itchy bumps all over chest and back and legs. ARe they contagious?

Additional Details
and no going to a doctor isnt an option right now.. We have tried benadryl also....

 Side effects to the flu 2006 flu shot?
This is the second time that I have experienced a terrible stomache after having gotten the flu shot. Is it possibly associated? Otherwise, I never get stomache aches. I also have a headache and I am ...

 Is it some kind of allergy?
I always get a gritty feeling in my right eye and it swells up for like two days, gets sore and... well... leaks!! Does this sound like some kind of allergy, or is it just from wearing eye makeup??...

 I had a bloody nose while i was sleeping?
I had a bloody nose (Allergies) while i was sleeping and i woke up with crusty dried blood on my arm and my nose was bleeding and now theres blood that drained from the nose in the back of my throat.....

 How can you prevent a bloody nose?
My grandfather died and my mom has been really upset crying and shes been getting bad bloody noses. Well the wake is tomorow is there any way she can prevent it from happening within those 4 hours?...

 Does warm water/liquids eg; tea loosen mucus?
I have Sinusitis, and the phlegm is nasty, it's white and other than that I'm fine.

If I were to drink some hot tea, or water or any hot liquid would it help loosen the mucus? T...

 Allergy cause??
i have never had allergies in my whole life- but this year, i most certianly do!! sneezing (even in the middle of the night!!) extermely itchy eyes, anyway. how can i find out what allergins are high ...

 Does it feel weird when you get ate out?

 Where is the best place to live when you have nasal sinus trouble and asthma?
Tired of of having sinus trouble that is sometimes so bad that it triggers asthma attacks, so looking for a change.
Additional Details
Looking for an exact area, as opposed to just ...

 Is there a way to get rid of redness in the eye?
its been with me for like 3 years. eyedrops dont really help. it may be because at one point in time, i coughed so much, i bursted a blood vessel, and i was wondering if there is a cure for it. no ...

 Okay I'm sorry for how gross this is but I'm concerned..ANSWER!?
For about two weeks now I've had very thick brown mucous stuck in the back of my throat. I can't cough it up I have to clean it off with..a q-tip. The area around my nasal passage in the ...

 Please help me get rid of these hives. any suggestions?
i rented these mid-calf, patent leather boots for halloween. i wore them only friday night and now i am breaking out in hives from the knee down. do you think it was the boot material, the ...

 Could this cause toxic mold so quickly?
My apartment flooded on Sunday and the landlord has yet to come clean it up. One bedroom was a swimming pool. It is since dried to a slight dampness.

It's been sitting there for ...

 Seasonal allergies are killing me...I'm taking 1-2 claritin a day and it clearly does not work, what can I do?
I'm almost dead from constantly sneezing, running nose, coughing, and watery eyes.

Last year it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered taking 1 claritin worked pretty well but this ...

 Why does my daughter cough all the time,but has no chest infection?
my little girl is 21 months and seems to have a cough all the time,she has just finshed her antibiotics and 2 days later the cough was back,please ...

 Want 10 points? - Scratch Test!?
Tell you what.. I will give the most informative comment 10 points!!

Basically I have quite a number of allergies; asthma, hayfever and eczema... my mother, grandmother, all my family and I...

 Nut allergies?
Can someone still eat food that may have traces of nuts/nut oil, around those with nut allergies?...

 My nose is driving me MAD!?
Ok, so end of 2005 I contracted sinusitus, didn't complete course of antibiotics so doctor prescribed another dose. Completed course. Then had hayfever - couldn't breathe one bit through my ...

I get the same cough every year for the exact same amount of time, what is it?
For the last four years, I have gotten a cough in either late October or early November, and it lasts eight weeks. I am into the fourth week already this year, so I don't know that it lasts eight weeks this year, but if the past is any indicator, I will be done with it just after the New Year. I don't mind going to the doctor to get it checked out, but I like to have some idea of why I am going, and what other people with similar situations have gone through. The only thing that I can logically figure is that because the heat does not get used in the summer, perhaps my body is allergic to something that kicks up off of the baseboard heating when it kicks in for the winter. It's just a cough, no cold symptoms, headaches, sinus trouble, or anything else, it gets the worst at night when I lie down for long periods of time. Like I said, for the past few years, it has gone entirely away after almost exactly eight weeks.

You don't mention where you live, it could easily be an environmental allergen, plant, animal and so on. More likely a plant or a type of mold or mildew that has a short growth period.
Or it could just be that you are unaccustomed to the drier winter heat, you could try putting a vaporizer or humidifier in your bedroom and see if that helps.

it sounds like an allergy, your doctor can prescribe allery medication for this, i have that too. if you are having trouble breathing, any wheezing at all or shortness of breath it could be asthma, i also developed this with the alergy, your doctor can prescribe an inhaler to take care of that also. i feel alot better now that i am ion meds for all that. good luck and merry christmas.

I get the same thing always around thanksgiving. The Dr said it was allegies and the reason I am coughing is post nasal drip. Worse at night because I am laying down. Every year an allegy shot and I'm ok.

Sounds like an allergy - you don't say where you live, but my guess is that there's something around there that grows at this time of year and just Tears you up. An allergist could probably help you figure out what the culprit is.

Joe D

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
It is from dead leaves. A very common thing in the fall. The mold spores are getting to you.


Gwen E
Sounds like you might have a few allergies. Try making sure to replace your air filters at least every 3 month through out the year and right before you turn your heater on for the first time. Also, make sure that you are sweeping/vaccuming/ dusting at least every other day to to keep dust mites to a minimum. I have sever allergies and this helps me out a lot when I have to shut the house up for winter.
Also, if the air in your house is dry that could cause a little trouble for you too. Try running vaporizer at night. That might help out that cough. If nothing else, seek medical attention.
Good luck.

You're probably right. It does sound like a seasonal allergy of some sort.

Have the filters for your heating system cleaned or changed, and have your heating ducts cleaned. That should help with the cough, if it is in fact heat related.

Another thing you can do- and what we did for my nephew when he had so much trouble with his lungs- is use a humidifier. In the winter, the air tends to be very dry, and it tends to dry out the membranes in your nose and throat.

Good luck!

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