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 Celiac symptoms?
Hi guys, I'm hoping that someone can give me insight into what I've been feeling lately. Since around late may of last year I've been getting these strange & annoying symptoms. In ...

 Any suggestions on how I can breathe better at night?
I have real bad allergies and somewhat asthma symptoms. With all of these weather changes my sinuses have been giving me a fit. Any suggestions or personal experiences that have helped you....

 When blow my nose its yellow, what does this mean???

 After tappering off prednisone how long should it take for the body to correct itself?
I asked a question on this subject earlier but I didn't give enough info and everyone told me to just ask my doctor. Well being that its saturday reaching my doctor might be a little difficult ...

 Is it true that even if you're allergic to a sting, the 1st time is OK?
I've heard the first time you get stung by an insect, like a bee or wasp, you'll have a normal/mild reaction, even if you happen to have an allergy to the venom. It's the SECOND time ...

 Help i have allergies!!?
oh my i have the worst allergies, itchy eyes,runny nose sneezing constantly and my whole face itches. i have to work all day so i need something that doesn't make me drowsy, and i want to go out ...

 Curing mucus?

 Allergies to smoke?
My father was a smoke for like 40 years. He quite about 5 years ago. Now he is so sensitive to cigarette smoke that he gets horrible headaches and feels nausious around smoke. The problem is he and ...

 What is the oldest antihistamine?

 My friend isn't allergic to her own cats, but is allergic to other peoples' cats. Why is this?
Alternatively, I wasn't allergic to any dogs until my dog died. Now I'm allergic to all of them....

 What am I allergic to? I start sneezing and eyes and throat starts itching when I go to other peopleĀ“s houses.
in detail

i am on holidays in another country then where i usually live, at my grandmaĀ“s. i start geting allergic reactions when i

a. go to sleep
b. go to someone elseĀ“s ...

 What could be causing allergy symptoms of itchy whelps and swelling of lips?

 Hives!! help???
For the past few days I've been randomly breaking out into hives. First it was my face, then the next day my neck and now today my back. I have no idea whats causing it. Does anyone have any ...

 What will be the side effect of eating canned food and noddles daily ?

 How do I treat my three years nose allergies running and blocking and Nevin .... etc?

 Chronic Sinus Infections and breakouts?
I am 28 years old and I have chronic sinus infections and I breakout often. When I was a teenager I never had breakouts - my skin was pretty darn good. I am wondering if I could have a food ...

 What will happen if you keep using something you're allergic to?
What will happen if you keep using something you're allergic to?...

 I have a really stuffy nose but it wont go!!!!and it is spring break.HELP!!!!!!!?

 Anybody else feeling this way:?
Stuffy nose, coughing, sore/painful throat, no energy?
I've been taking: Tylenol Severe Allergy, Tylenol Severe Sinus, & Tylenol Cold...

None are helping! My insurance only ...

 Has anyone stopped their medication of amoxicillin for their strep throat because they developed an allergy?
They say you are supposed to finish all the antibiotic or it will come back, but I decided I should stop after 2 days because my feet swelled up. Now I am worried my sore throat will come back they ...

I can't stop sneezing. No bacteria. Clear liquid when I blow my nose. Been happening since Christmas.?
My doctor has prescribed everything from antibiotics (that's how I know this isn't an infection), Sudafed, Claritin D, I am misting with Sinus spray. I sneeze so much and have blown my nose so much, it's raw both in and around my nose. I am miserable. Can someone help? I was okay when I woke up this morning. Had my first cup of coffee, then when I was going back for seconds, the attacks started and have been consistent all day. I am almost ready to say I am allergic to my dairy creamer. Does anyone know what this can be?

Shana B
Try Benadryl... it sounds like allergies (like hay fever, or a dust allergy - not a Lactose Intolerance!!)

Devin C
You probaby have Bronchitis. My brother has it every winter..

Helen Scott
Okay....you need to start fresh.

BUY A NEW PILLOW. That's the first step....as allergens can get trapped in there. Then wash your sheets really good.

Stop drinking coffee for a little while and see if that helps. lol.

And try Zyrtec...Claritin doesn't do anything for me.

Stop using the dairy creamer and see if it stops. Then either way, go to the doctor sounds like allergies of some kind to me. I should know I've had them my whole life.

I sure sounds like allergies.
It could be that you have something in your house, cat, feathers, dust mites

You need to think about what it could be.
I would wash and dry all bedding and pillows. The heat will kill dust mites.

You can get a spray for allergins ( it is a fabric spray which kills up to 75%) I would spray couches, all soft furniture, mattress, box springs.

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