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 Nose bleeding?
I mowed about 2 acres of grass at my house yesterday, and now my nose has been bleeding a little bit at a time since I woke up. Could this be because of allergies to the grass or does it sound like ...

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I have food allergies: eggs, nuts, strawberries etc
I have come across a few allergy resource websites
but I haven't found alot of info on recipes. Some vegan
sites have been ...

 How do you relieve severe nasal blockage?
I have an upper respiratory infection and my nose is so severely congested I can't breathe. It feels like my nose is swollen shut....

 Is Benadryl Allergy medicine safe to take on a daily basis?
Does anyone else use this and is it effective? I don't have really bad allergies but they do become a nusince for me in the Spring....

 Treament for hives?
Every single day for about a month in a half now i have broken out in pretty severe hives all over my legs. they last for approx. an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less and occur at different times ...

 How to get rid of dust??
Our two-bedroom apartment has a forced-hot-air furnace for heating, and the dust is just overwhelming. My husband is suffering from the dust, as he is allergic. He sneezes, coughs, wheezes, and has ...

 Can you have a fever with allergies?
My 13 month old son has had some seasonal allergies. ( we live in kansas and between the wheat dust and rain everyone seems to have them) Anyway, yesterday he woke up and his eye was a little ...

 Do dust mites bite people?
do dust mites kill people?
what color are dust mites?...

 Allergic reaction to antibiotic?? please help?
okay so i just got finish taking the antibiotic and just finish about saturday from tonsillitis.. and yesterday i have started getting these red bumps on my arms,cheeks, neck, legs, elbows, fingers, ...

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 What If???
What if I have a allergic reaction to a medince that is having a hard time breathing & my parents don't believe me so they wont take me to s doctor & I oont drive???
What ALL should ...

 What over the counter medicine(s) can you recommend for dust allergies?
I sneeze like crazy first thing in the morning and even just a bit of vaccuuming for example gets me all congested for a couple of hours afterwards. Benadryl is out as it makes me sleepy.


 Is it a cold or allergies?
I just got back from my house from being evacuated from the fires yesterday. Now I can't breathe through my nose and I have a really runny nose with clear discharge. What gives? Is it a cold or ...

 How to heal a sunburn quickly?
I got a sunburn on my shoulders on saturday and they sting like crap. What can I do besides using aloe, vinigar and dairy products (i.e. yogurt, taking a bath in mile ect.) because I am SEVERELY ALLER...

 I am allergic to a lot of foods, and i was wondering if...?
I am allergic to a lot of foods, and i was wondering in England if gluten free foods are available in most places. I have Celiac disease if that is more familiar for you to understand what im talking ...

 Help asap please!!!!Gluten free and casein free?
I am trying to put my son on the "AUTISM DIET" but I have a problem being that he only drinks milk he really doesn't eat any real food and I need a milk like product does any one know??...

 How do I get rid of allergies?
Ever since I was 3, I've constantly had allergies. I've tried many, many, many medications, but none of them seems to work. My mom is constantly cleaning the house, but it doesn't seem ...

 What is a quick way i can get rid of my cough?
What is a quick way i can get rid of my cough?...

I Ate Pen INK!?
okay today my pen broke and i chew on pens ( know gross habit) and i didnt notice and i accitentally swoallalled some ink from the purple pen and everyting in my mouth was purple!
i feel fine and my mouth is clean now but will anything happen to me?

no u'll be fine

It's made of buzzard pus, you know--

Not to worry. Just don't swallow the pen.

angela you are such a loser!!!
nothing will happen

Nothing will happen. You are fine.

If you ate a lot and are still concerned, go to the manufacturer's web site and look for their MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) which will explain any possible dangers and how you should be treated if necessary. If they don't have it posted, call them or look up the Poison Control Center in your area and call them.

Dayna H
i dont think so, but if it does kill you, i will come to your funeral. love you!

Nothing will happen...maybe purple tongue or purple teeth, that's all.....Good Luck! :O)

Kratos A
You better go to the medecine cabinet and eat everything in there, just to make sure.

Im just kidding, never consume medecine without an adults permission.

Pink Jasmine
I did this when I was in 2nd grade. It was a bic pen and I was chewing on the end of it. Then I tasted this really bitter, gross taste and realized my mouth was full of ink and was black. I was fine. If you feel nauseated, tired, dizzy, or funny...go to the doctor right away. You could also call poison control to ask them what they think you should do if you feel that you swallowed a lot of it.

Pro-Vampire‚ô• (anti-jonas)
ew my friend did today too in history but shes fine...

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