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 Gluten-free foods?
My boyfriend can only eat gluten-free foods, and they're near impossible to find. We live near Morrow, GA...Does anyone know if there are any stores in the area that have a decent selection, or ...

 What all flowers are not allergic to kids?

 What's the best way to help bad allergies?

 What is this is this a sinus infection, ear infection, ear congestion, or an allergy?
Well I have been like this now for 2 days and I am very annoyed. I can hardly hear in my left ear and i have a congested nose. About a week earlier I had a cold which i was recovering from. Then out ...

 I am allergic to sulfa drugs...found in many antbiotics?
Do you think that I am allergic to EVERYTHING that starts with sulfa? Like the stuff in Airborne and such?...

 Claritin makes me drowsy - what can I do?
I have to take it or I'm a sneezing, itching mess during the spring. But it makes me SO drowsy, I can hardly focus on work. I don't like the idea of drinking coffee or soda every day . . ....

 Professionals, please - two questions about allergies!?
1) Without going to the doctor, how can I tell if I'm getting a cold, or developing allergies?

My nose is continuously running, I keep sneezing, and my throat hurts from the random ...

 Can you be allergic to generic brand medication and not namebrand?
I usually take Z-pac for swollen lymph nodes when they get real bad, but this time they gave me the generic version called Azithromycin, and on the third day of taking it I break out in rash rash on ...

 Is this a dog?

 I'm allergic to antihistamines!! But need help with allergies!!?
I have horrible allergies but I'm allergic to antihistamines!! Actually, they cause bad anxiety symptoms and I already have panic disorder. So anything to avoid those panicy symptoms helps but I&...

 Puffy eyes from alergies or no?
i have puffy eyes for a few monthes now, and iv been drinking plenty of water sleep 7-9 hours a day eating healthier,i know my past contributed to it but i wonder if its allerigies my eyes sting i ...

 Fight or flight reaction what does it mean?
i know it keeps you alive but how?
Additional Details
i dont think mine works properly then as i have asthma, eczema, allergies and i might have anaphylaxis. Why doesnt mine work ...

 Can you treat sinus with prednisolone steroid?

 Is there an easy way to find out if I have a gluten intolerance? Can it be confused with lactose intolerance?

 Allergy shot reaction?
I had an allergy shot yesterday about halfway between my shoulder and my elbow. Today I have an area of redness about 3 inches long by 2 inches wide that is filled with broken capillaries. There are ...

 Flea problems?
okay out cats had fleas and now there everywher in my house
my mom bought a fogger and did the downstairs TWICE
they are still there
she also did the upstairs and then she spayered ...

 Peanut Allergie?
Hey I have a severe peanut allergie since I was born and if i even smell one i could possibly die I cant eat in my lunch room or do dome stuff I fell left out what should i do?...

 What area of the face do sinus problems affect? I am experiencing pain in the left eye socket?
Pretty much where the bone is right by my ...

 Why do i have to clear my throat every 10 seconds? could i have an infection?

 Im 12 I HAVE THE COLD OMG? help mee plz help mee?
i have a cold i cant bearly breathe i feel so sick my bodys acking and i have a slight head ace oh plz help me lord i need to get out of this i just finished taking ...

I'm 52; Could I suddenly be allergic to strawberries at my age?
I'm breaking out in hives... I've never been allergic to any food before. I bought a strawberry pie the other day, and have been snacking from it, past two days. No other changes in my diet and have no other symptoms. Isn't age 52 too late to be developing an allergy? Thanks.....

no and i think you should go to your doctor and ask for an allergist and see what they say.

sparkle and shine
You could have developed an allergie it doesn't matter what age you are. You should go get it checked at the doctor just to make sure or it could get serious. Try to avoid all straberries for now.

Hope this helped Sparkle and Shine!!!

The bad news is that allergies can develop at any age.

The good news is that you were able to spot it, since that was the only thing that changed.

Good luck!

Absolutely. Allergies can pop up for no reason but, there's a theory now that older people who develop serious food allergies often do so during or immediately after a serious illness. My grandmother developed life threatening food allergies (melon, nuts) after having a brain tumor removed when she was 40.

You could certainly have developed an allergy. There are no age limits to this. I developed asthma at age 48, out of the blue! Our bodies are changing all the time.

Yes. You can actually develop an allergy to anything at any time if you carry the gene for it. Usually it is brought on by some sort of stress. I KNOW this because though I am an adult, 4 years ago I developed an allergy to wheat. Never had any trouble for my whole life until then. However, it may be something other than the strawberries. The only way to know it to stop eating the pie & see if hives disappear.

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