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 Man I hate when I Can't sneeze?
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 Nose and throat congestion always. Only one nostril works always allowing free-air. Suggest any medicine/tech.
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 I have sinusitis. i am suffering from last 2 years. my nose gets blocked often.?
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 Are bees out in the winter time?
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 What are you alergic to?

How do I keep bees away from my yard, with a child that's allergic?
allergic to all types of bees, I live in the country in a subdivision.

Raid ( i believe) has that hornets house/lamp thing that traps hornets. All you do is hang one (or if you want to be extra careful a couple) around your property.

I heard of a very simple remedy to rid biting insects from the yard and it may work on bees also. Palmolive green (the color green). Now I know this sounds ridiculous but the biting insects can't stand the smell. As a plus, it also helps green up the lawn (Potassium). The ratio is one to four, one part Palmolive green to four parts water. Now when you make it put the Palmolive into an average size hand sprayer first without shaking it and then add the water. Put the sprayer cap back on and gently mix so as to not create alot of bubbles. When thoroughly mixed spray it around the yard and the fragarence will keep the insects away. This might work on the bees too. Sounds crazy but I hear it works. Good luck.

David S
One approach is to grow flowers that attract bees at one far edge of your property. Give them something to enjoy and teach you child to keep distance from that area.

have you tried put honey in a yellow jack trap that should do the trick

LeAnn S
I agree with David, actually plant some flowers (like zinnias) on the far edge of your property somewhere, that attract bees, so if they do come, they will go there. If you have flowering trees - like apple trees, hang gallon milk containers in them with half cup of amonia, half cup of honey and fill it half full with water. Also hang in any pine trees, as bees love those also. The bees (and all kinds of flies) will go in there and die. They won't be coming back out. Do get an epi-pen, and keep Benadryl on hand in case of an emergency.

limit the types of plants that are attractive to bees, learn CPR, and teach your child how to use an Epi-pen.

Bees are really only interested in three things: nectar, pollen, and water. Eliminate these things from your yard and you'll reduce the number of bee visitors. Nectar sources are usually flowers but open cans of soda or glasses of kool-aid will be attractive to bees as well. Pollen sources are again usually flowers but some trees(such as elm)are attractive pollen sources in the spring. Bees need liquid water to drink and will sometimes use a birdbath, pool, or fountain as a water source. Lastly, learn how to behave around bees so as to not get stung. Bees don't sting unless provoked so just sit still and she'll go away.

There are a lot of biters out there and I don't think they will listen to reason if you ask them to leave. Ask your allergist if child needs sensitivity testing and whether or not you need to keep a bee sting kit handy. Of course you would need to learn how to use it.

the best way is to buy a cadget(one or more) that transmit aultra sonic frequency(beyond 20KHz) which human ear cannot hear while animals and insects can,this frequency annoy and disturb them greatly and they keep away from it. it is safe and enviromen friendly

Best solution is to first eradicate any bee attractors. Flowers trees, anything producing pollen for the bees to collect. Then be sure to have benedryl for the stray bee. chances of a bee sting for an average person is only 3%

the crusader
Well, you can't really keep any kind of insect from entering your yard. Maybe not planting flowers would be a good idea. However, a much better idea would be to get a prescription from your child's pediatrician for an Epi-pen Jr. injection. If your child is stung and has an allergic reaction, you inject him in the thigh with this and it'll take care of the allergic reaction, at least long enough to get him to a hospital if necessary.

Mr Goodhi ©
Don't plant any flowers that might attract them. There really isn't much you can do.

Get an epi pen. Theres no way to keep bees completely away.

don't have any flowers.

Keep the grass mowed so it doesn't go to seed.

Keep the lawn sprayed with broad leaf killers and pre-emergent fertilizers to prevent flowering weeds from getting in.

FredHH is right -- No flowers of any kind, keep the lawn mowed and weed free. You won't eliminate the bees completely but you will lower the numbers tremendously.

I hope you have asked your doctor for an Epi-Pen? You should have one on hand wherever your child goes. This is a great precaution to take in the event your child is stung.

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