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How can live in a house with cats when I'm allergic to them?
allergies; feline; medications


Big Mama
I don't know how ya gonna do it because my daughter is allergic to cats. Her face & eyes swells in minutes just begin in the same house, and her skin itches awful. No medication helps her. We just do not go to someones house if they have cats.

because your not to bright!!!DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not the fur your allergic to its their spit so dont let them in or clean them. But if your allergic to them you will get use to it. I remember when I was allergic to cats and I got used to it, but I have been living with them since I was 5yrs old. They help build up a better ammune system.

I suffer from cat allergies as well. But I will tell you that you can get allergy shots but it may not take it away completely. You may half to accept weekly allergy shot which can be expensive and allergy medications just to live with cats. you may half to get rid of them. Best of luck on your decision

Maybe you should move?
Or get allergy Medication.

*******************************Buy "Armon Hammer: allergy reducer" it works like magic! sprinkle some on the carpet and maybe vacume after that, and voila! works like magic!

Ask your doctor and see if there is a medication that works for you.

Read my allergy testimonials on my blog roll

pinkrosegreeneyes bluerose
I'm allergic to cats and had 3 in my house. One was even a long hair. I didn't see ANY difference in my symtoms at all. I still have a cat in my house. She's my baby and I wouldn't THINK of not having her here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allergy shots --ugh-- they hurt like hell.


Change your preferences (!). If you are allergic to cats, you are allergic to ALL FELINES. But dog allergies are breed-specific. There's probably a cute breed of dog out there that you are NOT allergic to.

So you can probably have a puppy with you instead of a kitten. "Accept the comproimise and get a puppy" from a breed you're not allergic to.

either you move, or you get rid of them man, they are going to kill you.

You can't unless you can find an allergy Medication that works for you.

its simple.u can cure ur allergy by making a special tretment in which they vaccine u with high doses of the factor that causes u the allergy and u ll get immunized.sorry for my english!

Ryans Mom
Some allergists will--and some won't give allergy shots for pets. You could always try that route if pills don't work. I guess it depends on how severe your allergies are and if the cats are yours or not--you have to decide. I used to get allergy shots. 3 at a time. Don't worry, they're not that bad! Personally, I wouldn't let the cats in your bedroom so at least you can have a safe environment in there. Good luck to you.

you just answered your own question,duh

You'll probably have to dope yourself up...at least at first. There are products available at the pet stores that help reduce allergens. (wipes and so forth).

Take the cat outside and brush him reguarly (everyday)...vacuum a lot.

Here's the link to a couple of products.

Here's an article about reducing allergies:

Gosh, if I developed allergies to kitty cats, I think the world would come to an end.

Take allergy treatments, keep the house very clean, and don't let them into your room.

Good luck!

The vaccuum cleaner will be your best friend. And if you feed them a high-end cat food (like Iams), I've found they're less likely to shed. And if there isn't cat hair all over the house, maybe your allergies won't be so bad. You can also get an air purifier to help with the cat dander.

take sone anti allergi pills it might help you

Sean D
Buy a bubble and live in it.

you get used to it. i sneezed alot at first then i became used to the cats.. plus i take Claritin and singular every once in a while do u have any allergy meds to take?

wipe them down every day with a damp cloth. This will help to keep down the fur (dander) that you are allergic too. And I adore my cats too. They are like part of the famiily so don't listen to the idiots that tell you to get rid of them.
But all things come to an end. So when it is their time, just don't get any more.

All allergies can be treated and controlled very simply.

Any one can benifit.

Just email me

Don't worry - living with cats when you're allergic to them can be done!

There are some important things you should do to reduce your exposure to the cats:

Don't let the cats sleep in your room at night. Try to keep your bedroom window open to circulate fresh air. Turning an air purifier on while you sleep is another great option.

When handling the cats, avoid touching your face and eyes. Remember to wash your hands whenever you've interacted with the cats.

To minimize the amount of cat dandruff in the house, make sure to brush the cats on a regular basis (and dispose of excess fur). Also make sure you vacuum and clean regularly.

Some pet stores sell special solutions you can rub on your cats once a week to help minimize allergens. (Check out Outright allergy Relief from Cats at Petco http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.aspx?R=8654&Nav=1&N=0&Ntt=cat+allergies&sku=59730&familyID=7086&).

Other things to consider (as recommended by http://cats.about.com/od/allergiesandcats/a/allergictocat.htm):

- Keep them out of the bedroom altogether.
- Wash all bedding in 140-degree hot water at least twice monthly.
- Use HEPA air filters in rooms where your cats frequent.
- Vacuum up cat allergen with a high grade HEPA vacuum cleaner twice weekly.
- Use a vapor steam cleaner to clean your home.
- Clean your cat.
- Confine your cats to one area of the house.

Good luck!

You can be desensitized to them with injection by an allergist

JoAnna K
Hi Peter,
I have a daughter with Ashtma and also allergic to cats. We have one and so far so good.
Give your cat a bath once a week, comb daily, and keep it an inside cat. But of course - make sure its a shorthair cat.
Good Luck

u can try to find a good medicine...

♠ No way ♣
go buy some over the counter med.. i just got a kitten.. and i am very allergic.. i just reduce the amount of pills i take every day... and hopefully i will get use to him in no time!!

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