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How can I stop my hives from itching?
I have hives from an allergic reaction. The doctor gave me a prescription (xantac) to get rid of them, but they are still very itchy. What can I do to stop the itching?

Vinegar and water(equal parts)

U need Benedryl its over the counter

Debra B
make an oatmeal paste and put it on the hives. I would also go to the pharmacy and buy some Benedryl. I swear by it.

try baking soda paste or vinegar its good for sunburn too

Benydrl (cant spell) works wonders I had really bad hives I took 4 of thoes and Ill tell ya it was great

Cortizone cream can help and since it's topical it shouldn't interact with your medication. While you are at the pharmacy picking up some cream you can ask the pharmacist if there is anything else you can take.

kleighs mommy
take benedryll or put calamin lotion on them it will help. Zantac just so you know is and acid reflux med it wont help hives

Mr. Scandalous
hydrocortisone cream

Go to the drug store and get the oatmeal packets. put in your bath water and get in the tub. soak for a while then use the creams and drink plenty of water.

Chronic Hiver
Welcome to my itchy world - I have chronic hives, have been covered in them to some degree for most of my life. Controlling the itch is the hardest part, I know.

Are you sure your prescription is for Xantac? I'm very familiar with all the antihistamines on the market, and I'm wondering if you didn't mean Zyrtec. If so, it's the best of the non-drowsy formulas out there for hives. The only other drugs which comes close to the name Xantac are Xanax, which is an anti-anxiety med, and "Zantac" which is an H2 blocker, in which case you need to be on an H1 blocker as well.

Some suggestions:

Ask your doctor if you can also try taking either Benadryl (OTC) or Atarax (rx); both will cause drowsiness, so best to take them at night. They will help you sleep. Atarax is generally considered the best for hives of the old, drowsy-causing formulas. Also, skin contains Histamine receptors for two types of Histamine, called H1 and H2 (Histamine is what causes hives and itch). Blocking only one of the receptor types doesn't always do the trick for relief; typical antihistamines only block H1. Adding an H2 blocker may give you better relief. The H2 blockers are more commonly thought of as upset stomach or ulcer meds - Tagamet, Zantac, and Pepcid are the most common - but they are actually H2 antihistamines. They work on stomach woes because Histamine in the gut causes an increase in stomach acid; block that Histamine, and you lessen acid....

As others have suggested, oatmeal baths can be helpful. Aveeno is the best known brand, it is a special oatmeal preparation designed to dissolve in water; you won't get the same effect from regular oatmeal that is in your pantry. Best to use tepid water, since hot water can make the itching worse, even cause more Histamine to be released.

Try to stay as cool as you can, avoid tight clothing, and natural fabrics tend to be more comfortable (silk, cotton) when you have hives.

Some have also suggested Cortisone cream... This can help for some people, but use it very sparingly. Cortisone cream contains Corticosteroids, which can cause thinning of the skin when used topically. Some other lotions/creams which many find helpful are any containing Menthol, such as Sarna lotion. Benadryl cream may help unless the itching is severe.

You've probably been told this already, but try very hard to not scratch. Scratching causes further release of Histamine, making the cycle worse.

One thing many chronic hivers find helpful is a Cromolyn based lotion which you can make yourself - the recipe can be found at www.chronichives.com. There are also other suggestions there to help you deal with the hives.

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