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Johnny K
How can I find out what I am allergic to??
I've never been allergic to anything, but within the past few months something has been bothering me like crazy.

I just can't figure out what it is...Sometimes I'm just sitting in class and I get welts on my wrists or legs...other times my lips swell up for no apparent reason. The breakouts happen and the strangest times and they are driving me crazy. I don't have a doctor right now and really don't feel like waiting in the clinic's waiting room for an eternity...can someone help me figure out what it could possibly be?

The clinic is the last resort.

www. Drop Your Allergies .com
A simple, Medical Insurance covered IgE Blood Draw / Test via your Primary Care Dr. will TELL you if you are Allergic to:

>> Environmentals / Inhalants i.e. animal, Insect, Tree, Weed Mold etc.

>> FOODs Immediate and Delayed FOOD allergy.

Environmentals can be Neutralized via Prime Dr prescribed Under-the-Tongue ImmunoTherapy DROPs.

FOOD is addressed via DIET.

The FOOD Blood LAB will give your a diet Plan based on YOUR FOOD Allergy Test result.

Ok, usually when you were born the doctor would tell your parents. So my advise would be to ask your parents or ask your parents to bring you to a doctor since you have no doctor yet. Hope it helps!

call your family clineic and set up an appointment for and allergy test.

Paul B
Go to your family doctor and get a referal to an allergist. Most allergy tests involve you lying on your side and getting poked in the back by needles, then they wait and if any reaction occurs they can find out what it is that you are allergic too. There are other tests too, not sure how they work though.

Medicine Woman
You need to see an allergist for allergy testing. When I went they poked my upper arms with 10 different things at a time and waited a short time for a reaction. Then they would poke it 10 more time with other things that cause most allergy reactions and wait about 10 minutes again. then 10 more times, you get the picture. All together I had 101 tests done over a 2 day period but I had food allergies too.Most people don't get tested for the food allergies.It doesn't really hurt because the needle just has to be barely under your skin. They will be able to tell you what you are allergic to the same day you get the test done. Sure helped me to know what to avoid. Good luck.

The easiest way to find out what you are allergic to is to go on a Ketogenic diet, also known as an elimination diet. The most popular is the Atkins diet. If you only eat meat and fresh greens for a week, then add in eggs, then fish, then dairy products, you will find what causes the anti-Histamine reaction you are describing. This can be internal, something you ate (it can be ANYTHING, milk, almonds, chocolate, oranges and citrus fruit, wheat, yeast...not just additives and colours.) this goes thru your system, and takes a while to get into your blood, where antibodies identify it as 'enemy' and attack it. This is the Histamine reaction, and causes the welts. Because of the lips swelling, I favour this internal theory. It is possibly a surface reaction, something you touch or is in the air. Cats have antibodies in their saliva and this cause many people grief, but is harmless to most. I live with a couple of cats, and some people just come near me in the street, or stand at my door and start to sneeze. Contact, surface reactions tend to be more instant, it happens when you come into contact. Food allergies are much more 'disconnected' to anything.
(Not a doctor, a podiatrist...we do a lot of dermo, and listen to a lot of old people telling us about their illnesses.)PS, many find their allergies manifest at puberty or just after when the hormones settle.

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