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Help Help! I'm having an allergic reaction, but I don't know what kind~?
Pretty rapidly my right hand broke out in flat red small splotches primarily on the backs of my knuckles and it's also a little on my left hand. I was dusting a LOT today going through layers of dust, so I'm wondering if it's contact eczema. HOWEVER I also ate this special pasta that's made of whole black soybeans and about 2 hours later this developed. I have had a ton of soy products, but I'm not sure about "black" soybeans. My hand is really itching and washing it with soap and water isn't helping and neither is lotion! I don't have any benadryl either, but I took a zyrtec-d earlier today and don't know if I should be taking anything else with that.

Take another Zyrtec, or get some Benadryl quick! Go to a hospital if you can't get some medication. This is a food allergy and could be very dangerous!

If you are having an allergy, you need to see a doctor rightaway. Allergies can be very serious.

For eczema info, refer to this site http://www.eczemaskintreatment.com

Allergic reactions are the body's response to an allergic stimulus. This can be localized to one area or generalized and may include: rash, itching, hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, and/or low blood pressure.

You need to get to the ER ASAP for observation and if needed, treatment. It could cause an emergency situation.

don't play around with it, allergic reactions can become life threatening very fast and even cause death.

sparkle and shine
I know i'm a little late but i would know about this kind of thing because i have peanut, tree nut, dust, mold, pollen, some medicine's, and and any animal that has fur! And some other stuff.
Go to the store and get some Benadryl. (Zyrtec never worked for me and if i have an allergic reaction im supposed to take Benadryl not Zyrtec) If it si still here now that it is definately just a dust allergic reaction. If it was from food than it would probably have happened right away. Also the hives would be around you mouth first rather than your hand. It is very posible to have a dust allergie i do to. I have a question for you. Have you had any other symtomes other than hives on your hand?

E-mail me back

I would say something in the dust or the cleaner is what has made your hand break out. Since it is only on your hands, it's considered a localized effect. Food allergies are usually systemic, meaning they affect your whole body. If you were allergic to the black soybeans then you would have a rash all over your body. Go to the drustore/pharmacy, buy some benadry and ask the pharmacist if you can take it with Zyrtec. You might also want to pick up some Hydrocortisone 1% cream. This will help with the itching. try not to scratch it too much! If it spreads, does not go away in a day or so or if you have any other symptoms go to the ER.

get Benadryl asap go to the hospital because it might get worse. it could develop into shock. you won't be able to breath

I would think if you ate something you were allergic to you would have symptoms in other places too. If your throat starts to feel itchy, go to the emergency room. You probably got something on your skin that caused it. If you took a Zyrtec earlier, you are probably ok to take Benadryl, Claritin or another Zyrtec now. Don't use lotion with perfume in it. It will probably make it worse. If it's still like that tomorrow, go to the dr.

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